Asteroid 9937, Triceratops, was discovered on February 17, 1988, at La Silla Observatory near Pedernales, Coquimbo, Chile, by Eric W. Elst. It has a period of 3 years, 233 days. Elst named the asteroid for a well-known type of large dinosaur, the triceratops (in Greek, "with three horns on its face").

The triceratops

Astrologically, asteroid Triceratops indicates that which is lovably unattractive.

The late, great actor Walter Matthau was a romantic lead with a decidedly ordinary physical appearance who redefined the public's and Hollywood's notion of what a male romantic lead should look like. Born October 1, 1920 in New York, Matthau had Triceratops semisquare the Sun (to shine), square Chaos (to break a pattern), sesquiquadrate Pluto (unforgettable, mass appeal) and Chiron (the maverick, the key) and quincunx Hidalgo (to promote, to defend, to assert).

The late comedian Jimmy Durante, born February 10, 1893 in New York, was nicknamed "Schnozzola" for his unusually large nose. He had Triceratops quincunx Pandora.

Actress and former talk-show host Rosie O'Donnell, born March 21, 1962 in Commack, New York, is portly of build, not classically beautiful, and can be sharp-tongued and hot-tempered, but people like her anyway; one reason may be that she has an ordinary, working-class sort of charm. She has Triceratops semisquare Pallas (politics), sextile Hidalgo, square Uranus (homosexuality) and Cruithne (one's roots), and quincunx Ixion (lustiness, bad karma).

Marilyn Manson, a popular rock star and a rather terrifying figure, has Triceratops in the seventh house of open enemies, quincunx the Moon (the public).

Another heavy-metal singer, John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne, is a highly influential metal veteran who has managed to endear himself to an entire nation through quasi-realistic TV portrayals of his unconventional but loving family life. He has Triceratops semisquare Mercury (writings, ideas) and Saturn (at the midpoint of his Mercury-Saturn square) and opposite Hidalgo.

His youngest daughter Kelly, who is emerging as a rock singer in her own right and has been described as "chunky, pasty, with a terrifying self-assurance," has Triceratops intercepted in the fourth house, semisextile Nessus, semisquare the Sun, sextile Ixion, square the Moon and quincunx the Midheaven.

The glyph for Triceratops is mine.

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