Asteroid number 7437, Torricelli, is a main-belt asteroid with a period of 3 years, 217 days. It was discovered on March 12, 1994, by Italian astronomers Vittorio Goretti and Andrea Boattini at the Cima Ekar unit of the Asiago Observatory at Asiago, Veneto, Italy. They named it for a 17th-century Italian scientist, Evangelista Torricelli(1608-1647).

Evangelista Torricelli

Torricelli (pronounced tor-ih-CHELL-ee) was Galileo Galilei's secretary and, like Galileo, was a professor of mathematics, and also a lens grinder who manufactured telescopes and microscopes. Torricelli made significant contributions to science in his own right: he studied liquid motion, projectile motion, geometry, astronomy, and meteorology; invented the barometer; and was the first human being to determine the existence of outer space when he used the barometer he invented to calculate the height of Earth's atmosphere. Torr, a unit of air pressure, is derived from Torricelli's name and is equal to the pressure of the atmosphere on Earth at sea level.

The meaning of asteroid Torricelli seems to relate to its namesake's interest and accomplishments in the fields of meteorology and physics, as well as to his personality and background: he came from an impoverished family and assiduously avoided scandal and controversy, abandoning the study of astronomy after Galileo was called before the Inquisition.

Low air pressure(on Earth) is often a harbinger or manifestation of storms; when it is a consequence of altitude, altitude sickness often results. When the air is thin enough, or nonexistent, artificial assistance is required in order to breathe. Earth's atmosphere also serves as a shield against harmful radiation coming from the Sun and from other sources; the higher we go, the thinner the air is, and the more ambient radiation we are exposed to in a given period of time. After a certain altitude is attained, the atmosphere no longer exists and we receive the full amount of ambient radiation in outer space unless we carry with us shielding from it. We also require protection from extreme heat and cold as we ascend into the upper regions of the atmosphere and beyond. Life forms and ecosystems acquire the characteristics of progressively higher latitudes with increasing altitude. And when the barometer is high, we often find calm weather, since air tends to move from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure along the ground, creating winds. Cooking times also vary with altitude; it takes longer to cook at high altitudes than it does at lower ones. Low altitude, especially sub-sea-level altitude, tends to intensify heat. Hyperbaric chambers, in which the air pressure is kept artificially high, are used to treat certain types of poisoning, including carbon monoxide poisoning. Hypobaric chambers, in which the air pressure is artificially low, are used by alpinists to prepare themselves for ascending high mountains. Decompression chambers are used to treat caisson disease("the bends"), an agonizing, debilitating, potentially fatal ailment which often results from too-rapid ascent while diving and breathing normal air and is caused by nitrogen bubbles in the tissues. (This, and the related ailment known as nitrogen narcosis or rapture of the deep, can be avoided by breathing a helium-oxygen mix, which also makes the human voice unnaturally high-pitched.) Decompression chambers were also used by Nazi doctors in concentration-camp studies: the bodies of people(or animals) exposed to sufficiently low ambient air pressure will explode. Sean Connery's space marshal W.T. O'Neil in the 1981 science-fiction film Outland and Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley of the Alien films both used this fact as a weapon when battling predatory humans or aliens. Hot air tends to rise, cold air to sink, a fact which one can use to one's own advantage if one finds oneself in a fire: crawling along the ground will increase one's chances for survival. Pavement and the presence of many trees also alter local weather by affecting the dynamics of solar heating of the ground and the air. High winds can be formidable, even awesome in their destructive and coercive force; they blow birds, seeds, watercraft, and aircraft off course without warning; they also fill the air with positive ions, which have a deleterious psychological effect.

The variations in the pressure of air that Evangelista Torricelli studied, therefore, are inextricably tied to weather, storms, stress, turbulence, crises, emergencies, aberrations, and how one handles these, which seems to be the main thrust of the astrological influence of Torricelli. (Think of the expressions "the air is thin", "the air is thick", "rarefied heights", "way up there," "from outer space", "in orbit", "like a tornado(hurricane, cyclone, thundercloud)", "winds of change", "emotional weather", "barometer of change", etc., and the folklore surrounding foehn winds like the sirocco of southern Italy, the hamseen of the Middle East, and the Santa Anas of southern California.) It may also indicate a special interest or concern with meteorology of either a technical or practical nature, though more research is required to determine if this is so.

Torricelli's asteroid number, 7437, adds up to 3(7 + 4 = 11; 11 + 3 = 14; 14 + 7 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3). Three is an optimistic number associated with self-expression. Uncontrolled self-expression may get you into trouble, and optimism and hope will see you through.

Here are some of my research examples for this asteroid:

O.J. Simpson: Torricelli conjunct Rhiannon, opposite the Moon & Quetzalcoatl, sextile Mercury, septile Jupiter; square Uranus, Glo, Pholus & Chiron, semisquare Pluto, sesquiquadrate Nessus, biquintile Ceres, biundecimal South Node.

Dan Rather: Torricelli parallel Jupiter, Cuitlahuac, Athanasia, Sassi; contraparallel Descamisada, Munchhausen, Varuna; quintile Neptune; quincunx Vesta & Ceres; conjunct Veteraniya, Partizanske; sextile Nessus, Christabel; trine Quetzalcoatl, Vertex, East Point.

Ted Turner: Torricelli sesquiquadrate Neptune, Juno; sextile Chiron, Pallas; trine Vesta, Veteraniya, Martin Luther, Asbolus, Krok, Casanova; square Quetzalcoatl; parallel Partizanske, Hylonome, Damocles.

Dennis Rodman: Torricelli opposite Jupiter, Saturn, East Point; conjunct Mars; sextile Mercury; sesquiquadrate Pallas; semisextile/quincunx North Node/South Node; biquintile Part of Fortune; quincunx Flora, Persephone; tredecile Venus; quintile Sun; square Moon, Vibilia(named for the Roman goddess of journeys), SURF; parallel Partizanske; contraparallel Pholus.

Della Reese: Torricelli conjunct Chiron; sextile Mercury, Pluto, Wil, Martin Luther, Chariklo; trine Mars, Saturn, Vesta, Pallas, Yeti, Wurm; parallel Juno; contraparallel Varuna; square Vertex, Tezcatlipoca; sesquiquadrate Pholus; semisquare Hylonome.

The glyph for Torricelli, my own invention, is derived from a modern barometer design, which is a circular needle gauge.

Here is a biographical link about Evangelista Torricelli. (I just found out the URL was entered incorrectly. But the problem has been fixed. Sorry.)

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