Asteroid 11500, Tomaiyowit, was discovered on October 28, 1989 by Jean E. Mueller and J. D. Mendenhall at Palomar Mountain Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 1 year, 44 days.

It was named for Tomaiyowit (Earth Mother), one of the creator deities of the Luiseño Native American tribe whose ancestral lands include Palomar Mountain. Along with Tukmit (Sky Father), they gave birth to the First People, all things and features of the earth forming the basis of Luise#241o existence.

Astrologically, ateroid Tomaiyowit seems to signify awareness of cycles and disturbances of nature, one's personal "horizon," that which appears and reappears.

The glyph for Tomaiyowit is mine.

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