Asteroid 137052, Tjelvar, was discovered on November 15, 1998 Nov. 15 by Swedish astronomer Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist at the European Southern Observatory. It's got a period of 509.2 days.

It was named for the legendary Scandinavian figure Tjelvar. According to the 13th-century Scandinavian tale called the Gutasaga, Tjelvar, who has been identified with Thor's companion Tjalfi, was the first inhabitant of the island of Gotland. According to the legend, before Tjelvar came to the island, it was enchanted to be underwater during the daytime, and above the sea at night. Tjelvar broke the spell by building a fire on the island, thereby keeping it above the sea full-time.

The astrological meaning of asteroid Tjelvar seems to be: creator of light and warmth, establishing, reclaiming, saving.

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