Asteroid 20002, Tillysmith, was discovered on March 10, 1991 by Robert H. McNaught at Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia. It has a period of 5 years, 255 days.

It was named after a British woman Tilly Smith (born 1994), who, while on a family vacation on the resort island of Phuket in Thailand on December 26, 2004, at the age of 10, found herself applying a geography lesson from school in her native England when she saw the signs of an impending tsunami while on the beach. After getting her parents to leave the beach, she found a Japanese man employed as a cook at the resort, who also saw the suddenly and unnaturally receding ocean for what it was and helped her raise the alarm, thereby saving many lives at Phuket in what became one of history's deadliest tsunamis.

Tilly Smith

The astrological meaning of asteroid Tillysmith seems to be: disaster warnings, "no warning" (Henk Middleraad), possibly to apply rarely needed knowledge.

The glyph for Tillysmith is Henk Middleraad's.

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