Thomas Aquinas

Asteroid 73687, Thomas Aquinas, was discovered on October 10, 1990 by Freimut Borngen and Lutz D. Schmadel at Tautenburg, Thuringia, Germany. It has a period of 4 years, 54 days.

It was named for Tommaso d'Aquino(1225?-1274), known as Thomas Aquinas, an Italian theologian and philosopher who was one of the foremost medieval theologians and philosopher. He wrote several major books, including Summa theologiae and Summa contra gentiles, and he tried to reconcile faith with reason. He is a Doctor of the Catholic Church and was made a saint in 1323. The name was suggested by Borngen.

The astrological meaning of asteroid Thomas Aquinas seems to be: finding out things for yourself.

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