Asteroid 32532, Thereus, a member of the outer-system Centaur group, was discovered August 9, 2001 by the JPL NEAT Program at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. Thereus has a period of 34 years, 248 days.

The asteroid was named for one of the Centaurs, Thereus, a hunter who dragged bears out of their dens and carried them home alive to his cave.

Astrologically, Thereus seems to indicate the ability to keep personal and professional lives separate and balanced; identification with one's career, relationships or stuff; mercenary behavior; attraction to beauty and glamor; ability to work constructively with others; wildness, lawlessness, hunting, nature, wild animals, concern for the environment..

Ted Kaczynski

Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, when first arrested, looked every inch the deranged fanatic with his wild, unkempt, sinister appearance. He has Thereus semisextile Phaethon (out of control) and Huya (something missing, environmentalism), sextile Dioretsa (ineptitude, charges that stick), and opposite Hidalgo (to promote, assert or defend).

Heavy metal singer and horror-movie director Rob Zombie, formerly of White Zombie, now a solo rock act, has a wild appearance, too. He has Thereus conjunct Mars (energy, aggression, assertion), Damocles (crisis, politics, experience of groupthink) and 2002 TX300 (rough-hewn); sextile Torricelli (raising the storm, on the hot seat), Child, 2002 VQ94 (to shatter) and Disneya (a contrived spectacle); square Hidalgo, trine Sisyphus (frustration) and quincunx Deucalion (hard-nosed). Hit Parader magazine has used Rob Zombie's name in conjunction with Halloween in its articles. His music "jams", as was the saying in the 1980s: it's very hard and very loud. Zombie had difficulty bringing House of 1000 Corpses, the horror movie that was his directorial debut, to the screen on account of its extremely graphic content. White Zombie disintegrated shortly after becoming successful, and it took Rob Zombie a long time to make it. His public statements reflect a viewpoint that values experience and status.

Courtney Love's "wildness" seems to have birthed myths: she allegedly killed her husband Kurt Cobain; she allegedly plagiarized his songs; she has been called a psychotic on the loose. Perhaps there is a gender-based double standard operating in her case. In any event, her life has been turbulent, and some people seem to find her abrasive; for example, turnover in the rock bands she's fronted has been brisk, and she says her preteen daughter has characterized her as a "potty mouth." Courtney Love has Thereus conjunct Munchhausen (tall tales) ,sextile Yarilo(attractive; sensitive males),square Sisyphus(frustration),quincunx Tutenchamun(examination of the past, achievement after delays) and Amazone(feminism),and opposite Moon, Melanie(being hurt and vulnerable or given rough treatment by the world; acting with abandon) and Nietzsche (the "bad girl" or bad boy).

John Belushi, James Belushi's big brother, created the role of Bluto in Animal House; he also starred with Dan Ackroyd in The Blues Brothers. He lived fast and died young in 1982 of an overdose of heroin and cocaine. His frenzied, lawless, drug-and-alcohol-drenched life in Hollywood was chronicled by Bob Woodward in the biography Wired. He drove his manager (and many others) nuts, once tried to ram a fourth-rate script nobody wanted to produce down the throat of a studio, and allegedly assaulted one of the producers of the film Goin' South, in which he had a minor role. Nobody could control him. He was a star; he had too much clout for his own good. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the culture of the milieu in which he operated had not yet reached the point where those around him were prepared to be firm with him and order him into rehab. And so he careened off course and over a cliff, crashing, burning and exploding, as it were. John Belushi had Thereus sextile Klytia(a tendency to alienate others; insanity), Quaoar(to create; to examine), and Lachesis (deciding or shortening the length of days; allowed to continue as is); trine Chiron (an object lesson; self-wounding), Anubis (having to do with death), and Chariklo(glamor); and opposite the Sun (to shine)

Heavy metal rocker, gung-ho right-winger, avid hunter and gun nut Ted Nugent, whose stage persona is a cartoonish caveman act has a stage personae that is a cartoonish caveman act marked with childish insults and threats of homicidal violence against protesters and a writing and speaking style that is semiliterate and slightly dopey, marked with astonishingly out-of-touch partisan Republican statements. Nugent has Thereus square Vesta (committed, dedicated, emotionally distanced) and 2000 QC243("Negative: full of guilt and shame, projected onto others."--Phil Sedgwick); trine Dioretsa (not done quite right) and Sekhmet (appropriate or controlled destruction); sesquiquadrate Mercury(thinking, writing, communicating, use of the hands); quincunx Okyrhoe (dealing with criticism); and opposite 2002 DH5 (being nasty or mean-spirited).

Screenwriter and producer Joe Eszterhas is noted not only for his wild hair and beard (which he hasn't always worn), but for his censor-baiting and pugnacious, slightly anarchistic personality. Eszterhas once suggested that teenagers under 17 bring fake IDs to get into R-rated movies, by way of a protest against stricter enforcement of the policy governing admission to R-rated films. He has Thereus conjunct Panacea (problem-solving) and Juno; sextile Arthur (acting with government backing) and Sassi; square Neptune (motion pictures); quincunx Nemesis and Okyrhoe; and opposite Persephone (transitions), Valentine (adversaries), Dominiona (ambition, desire for control, need to protect boundaries), and Sappho (sex, interest).

Bill O'Reilly (born September 10, 1949, in New York) is noted for his pugnacity and highly partisan right-wing viewpoint, expressed in part in one-sided on-air "debates" with liberals whose microphones he turns off when they refuse to accept their role as verbal punching bags and for an inordinate fondness for the phrase "shut up" when confronted with dissenting viewpoints. O'Reilly has Thereus sextile Acacia (regarded as exempt from criticism), Mercury, Neptune and Ixion (lustful, accruing bad karma); trine 2002 VQ94; and quincunx Philoctetes (not really wanting to work with people one doesn't like or agree with).

16th-century Italian politician Cesare Borgia, whose ruthlessness and lack of principle made him the model for Niccolo Machiavelli's immortal political treatise The Prince, had Thereus square Elatus (articulate, expressing with intent to mislead) and quincunx the Moon (the public).

Ed Gein, a cannibal and necrophiliac whose mother prevented him from having a normal interest in sex and who liked to dress in the skins of dead women and keep their preserved body parts, had Thereus within three degrees of the Ascendant in the twelfth house of secrets, self-undoing and institutionalization, trine Venus.

Jeffrey Dahmer, another infamous murderer and cannibal, was good (and perhaps a bit lucky) when it came to evading detection for his crimes, picking victims the police would not knock themselves out to look for or look out for, and living arrangements in which to commit his murders where those in authority would be likely to ignore any complaints or suspicions from those around him. He had Thereus trine Don Quixote (swimming against the tide), Elatus (to deceive and evade), and Asbolus (awful things, not being listened to) and quincunx the Moon (the public).

Donner Party survivor Lewis Keseberg (born May 22, 1814, in Germany), who resorted to cannibalism to survive being trapped in heavy snows in the Sierra Nevada near Truckee, California and was unjustly vilified for it, had Thereus conjunct Neptune (scandal, confusion), square Pholus (courage before threats, need for proper respect, something public and shocking) and Deucalion (need to be hard, flooded with negativity), tredecile Jupiter (philosophy), trine Dioretsa (blundering, actions whose consequences stick) and Quaoar (to create, to examine, to do what has to be done), and quindecile Mars (taking bold action; defense; crime).

Carlos Páez (born October 31, 1953), one of the famous Uruguayan rugby players who resorted to eating the dead bodies of their companions killed in a plane crash in the Argentinian Andes in 1972, has Thereus conjunct Ceres (nurturance, support), semisquare Saturn (cold hard facts), and trine Nessus (purging of attachment to material things) and Chiron (resulting in awareness, need to pay attention). He told a reporter who interviewed him that he and his companions all supporting one another and being Catholics from similar socioeconomic backgrounds helped them survive and that he developed an entirely different and rather nontraditional view of spirituality through that experience: being stripped of material things brings us closer to god.

Bernd-Jurgen Brandes (born January 19, 1958), a German man who willingly allowed himself to be killed and eaten by another man he met on the Internet, had his Sun square Thereus.

The glyph for Thereus, recalling a bear track, is mine.

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