Asteroid 2244, Tesla, was discovered on October 22, 1952 by Milorad B. Protitch at Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro.

It was named for Croatian-born American physicist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), who is noted especially for his research in the field of electricity and radio communications. It has a period of 4 years, 261 days.

Nikola Tesla

Astrologically, asteroid Tesla seems to indicate electronics and that which pertains to them., also pushed aside, benefiting from others' work.

Nikola Tesla (born July 10, 1856, at 2 p.m. in Smiljan, Croatia) had his namesake asteroid in the first house, on the Ascendant, square Chiron (the door-opener, the maverick, need to pay attention) and the Midheaven (career, authority), trine Saturn (work, career, rewards and consequences) and Ceres (nurture), sesquiquadrate Neptune (deception, bafflement), quincunx Heracles (to struggle with), quindecile the North Node (connections, need to move beyond past influences), and opposite Pluto (transformative, unethical behavior). Tesla lost a radio-related patent to his well-connected rival Guglielmo Marconi, who became rich and won the 1911 Nobel Prize for Physics. Tesla regained the patent in 1943 shortly after his death in a US Supreme Court decision that neatly put an end to a Marconi Corporation lawsuit against the US government for royalties over the US government's use of radio during World War I.

Guglielmo Marconi had Tesla in the third house, semisextile Uranus (inventions, disruptions), sextile the South Node, trine the Sun and North Node, sesquiquadrate Vesta (dedication), quindecile the Midheaven, and contraparallel Saturn.

Philo Farnsworth, inventor of television, who also was instrumental in the development of radar, had Tesla conjunct the North Node, decile Jupiter (philosophy), sextile Venus (values) and Ceres, biquintile Uranus, quincunx Chaos (a new world order), and opposite Chiron, Hylonome (popular appeal, pathos, tragedy) and South Node. Farnsworth wouldn't have a TV set in his own house and didn't want his children watching it. He never made any money from television, had to fight for official recognition as its inventor, and was given a special Emmy by the people whose careers had been made possible by his work...long after his death; his elderly widow accepted the award for him.

John Atanasoff (born October 4, 1903, in Hamilton, New York), the inventor of the computer, had Tesla semisextile Ceres, sextile Venus and Chiron, and trine Jupiter and Nessus (predation, encroachment). He, too, had to fight to be recognized as the inventor of the computer after his ideas were stolen by John Mauchly and used in the development of ENIAC; some still believe Mauchly originated the electronic computer along with Presper Eckert. Atanasoff never made any money off his invention, either.

John Mauchly (born August 30, 1907, in Cincinnati) has Tesla undecimal Venus, decile Mercury (writings, speaking, ideas), sextile Pallas and Hidalgo (to promote, assert and defend; ambition), quintile the North Node, square Vesta, tredecile the South Node, and contraparallel Saturn and Juno (the performing arts, matters of justice and fairness, giving away power).

Bill Gates, whose vision of a computer in every home is well on its way to fruition and who many regard with suspicion (not without justification) as having imperialistic designs, has Tesla in the fifth house of creativity, sextile Damocles (drastic change, experience of groupthink, transgressiveness) and Pholus (need to have respect), trine Uranus and Chaos, sesquiquadrate the Ascendant (personal interests), quindecile the South Node and opposite Phaethon (taking off, in the driver's seat).

Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina (born September 6, 1954 in Austin), as one of the few female CEOs of large corporations, is the beneficiary of an unfortunately not-as-yet-common corporate culture which came about after the wife of her male predecessor, Lewis Platt, died and Platt found himself in the same position as many of his female employees—having to juggle his work and taking care of his home and kids. Fiorina has Tesla decile Pluto, square Phaethon, trine Pholus (courage before power), and opposite Chaos.

Robert Galvin (born October 9, 1922, in Marshfield, Wisconsin), a former CEO of Motorola, has Tesla conjunct Ceres, semisquare Saturn, square Chaos, and sesquiquadrate Pluto.

Daisuke Inoue (born May 10, 1940, in Osaka, Japan), inventor of the karaoke machine, has Tesla conjunct Ceres, semisextile Lilith (marginalized, not well thought of) and square Vesta. Karaoke is a popular but rather disparaged art form, and Inoue invented the machine in the first place because, being the drummer for a rock band and also tone-deaf, he was the band's weakest link and wanted to be able to pull his own weight. He never saw the need to patent his machine and ended up making a living by cleaning and de-infesting them.

William Shockley (born February 13, 1910 in London), inventor of the transistor, who came to be known more for his bigoted attitudes than his technological accomplishments, had Tesla decile Pallas (politics, conceptualization) and trine Neptune (scandal, vision).

Former California governor Gray Davis, who was forced out in a recall election brought about by opportunistic political rivals, not on account of any incompetence or misconduct, has Tesla conjunct Damocles (drastic change, politics) and the North Node (consequently opposite the South Node).

Lee Iacocca, who was forced out as president of Ford because his boss, Henry Ford II, developed an irrational dislike for him, has Tesla in the second house, cusping the third, sextile Nessus (predatory, psychological toxins), square Talos (attacks, criticism, accusations), trine Mercury (the media, ideas, thoughts, writings), opposite Jupiter (prosperity), and parallel the Moon (the public).

Pete Best (born November 24, 1941 in Madras, India), the original drummer for the Beatles until he was forced out and replaced with Ringo Starr, has Tesla semisextile Venus (art), square Chaos (a new way of life) and the Nodes (past influences and transcending them, connections and separations), trine Varuna (grown huge, a judgment) and Hylonome (pathos, learning to let go and move on), opposite Jupiter (philosophy, prosperity), Pandora (unintended consequences, having an impact) and Asbolus (bad experiences), and parallel the Sun (to shine). Although very upset at being pushed aside, he ended up glad not to have been imprisoned by his former mates' celebrity, and after a long hiatus from show business in which he worked as a baker and municipal employee (and got to spend more time with his wife and kids than John, Paul, George and Ringo have been able to do), Best returned to performing.

Industrial chemist Stephanie Kwolek (born July 31, 1923 in New Kensington, Pennsylvania), the inventor of Kevlar, never made any money off that or anything else she developed while working for DuPont, which owns the patents (since what she did for them was work for hire). She has Tesla sextile Asbolus (counsel taken) and Varuna (grown big), square Chiron (the door-opener, the key), Dioretsa (something that sticks) and Hidalgo (ambition, to assert or promote), and tredecile Vesta.

The glyph for Tesla is mine.

Thanks to Jonathan Dunn for introducing me to this asteroid.

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