Asteroid 5370 Taranis was discovered on September 2, 1986 at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California by Alain Maury. It has a period of 6 years, 45 days.

Maury named it for the Celtic god of thunder, whom the Irish called Torann and the Gallic Taran and whose symbols were the wheel and lightning bolt, and for the first computer network for amateur astronomers in France, which was called Taranis.


A petroglyph of the god Taranis

Astrologically, Taranis seems to relate to technology, especially transportation and communication, and its effects..

Henry Ford had Taranis conjunct Antenor (seen as subversive), sextile Ixion (inventiveness, giftedness) and 1998 BU48 (the way things are), square the Nodes (ability to move on from the past) and Thersites (railing against something, saying no), sesquiquadrate Ceres (nurturance), quincunx Neptune (vision), and opposite 1999 DE9 (power). He paid his employees quite well and provided other fringe benefits, which drew protests, but he saw it correctly as good business; for one thing, by paying his employees generously, thereby encouraging other industrialists to follow suit, he was expanding the market for his cars.

John Atanasoff had to go to court to establish his status as inventor of the now-omnipresent computer against a plagiarist. He had Taranis semisquare Ceres and 1999 OX3 (cunning), quintile Pluto, square 1992 QB1 (taking a stand), trine Hidalgo (to assert, promote or defend) and Memnon (a new beginning), sesquiquadrate Chiron (doors opened), and quincunx Saturn (science, hard work).

Edmund Cartwright, the 18th-century English inventor whose machines revolutionized cloth manufacture—and forced thousands and thousands of workers to find new jobs, thereby transforming society as well—had Taranis sextile 1996 TL66 (to put an end to something), square Eureka (discovery), trine Venus (values), Uranus (invention, liberation, revolution), and Don Quixote (taking on the establishment), and opposite Vesta (dedication) and 2002 VQ94 (to shatter).

Thomas Edison, inventor of the motion picture, the record player, and the light-bulb, reportedly required his employees to work as hard as he did, which was very hard. Edison had Taranis square Juno, trine Jupiter (prosperity, philosophy), quincunx Venus (socialization, values) and 1999 CY118 (something artificial and perhaps not altogether positive), and opposite Memnon.

Herbert Hoover had Taranis sextile the South Node (past conditioning), Eureka and 1994 TA (need for careful execution, pollution), square Nessus (need to heal greed), trine Neptune (idealism), and opposite Cruithne (in touch with one's heritage). A distinguished career as a wealthy self-made mining engineer, humanitarian and Commerce Secretary (under Presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge) led to the Presidency...and massive disillusionment and disgrace when his personal philosophy of government was rendered antiquated by the Great Depression.

The US Air Force chart has Taranis conjunct the Sun (to shine) and Don Quixote (to take on something), sextile Mars (force, violence), Jupiter (higher education) and 1999 OX3 (practical knowledge, to terminate), square 2002 AW197 (widespread changes), trine Pholus (understanding proper reverence and courage against power), Hektor (bravery, bullying), Agamemnon (sudden attacks, doing what one sees as one's duty) and 2002 VE95 (qualified benefit), sesquiquadrate Ceres (nurturance), and quincunx Hidalgo.

The glyph for Taranis, recalling the god Taranis' wheel, is mine.

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