Asteroid 3564, Talthybius, a Jupiter Trojan, was discovered on October 15, 1985, by Edward Bowell at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory near Flagstaff, Arizona. It has a period of 11 years, 360 days, and is about 51 and 2/5 miles in diameter.

Talthybius was named for the chief herald of the Greek forces in the Trojan war, a man whose job it often was to bring bad news.

And it is this that seems to inform asteroid Talthybius' astrological meaning: bad news, people and things that are "bad news."

Dan Rather, a frequent bearer of bad news in his capacity as CBS-TV news anchor, who once found himself announcing that JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had himself been shot dead, has Talthybius in the sixth house of work, square Saturn (career, work, rewards and consequences) and opposite Uranus (television).

His CBS-TV colleague Walter Cronkite, once called "the most trusted man in America," has Talthybius trine the Sun (to shine, honesty, trust) and quincunx Mars (action) and Juno (relating).

National Enquirer founder Generoso "Gene" Pope had Talthybius sextile the North Node (connections, giving out), square Venus (the arts), trine the South Node (taking in, separation) and quincunx Saturn.

Charles Ponzi, legendary con artist.

Charles Ponzi had Talthybius semisquare Jupiter (the law, prosperity) and quincunx Pallas (conceptualization).

O.J. Simpson, who became a national pariah after the murders of his ex-wife and her friend, for which he was acquitted in a criminal trial but declared responsible in a wrongful-death suit, has Talthybius on the Descendant in the sixth house, trine Uranus and sesquiquadrate Neptune (scandal, delusion, illusion, deception) as well as opposite the Ascendant (personal interests).

Notoriously bad-tempered and powerful boxer Mike Tyson, who has been in trouble with the law repeatedly, has Talthybius sesquiquadrate Pallas (politics, defense of civilization).

Serial killer Richard Ramirez has Talthybius in the third house of the media, conjunct the Sun, trine Neptune (music, prison) and quincunx the Midheaven. An avowed Satanist who took the nickname "The Night Stalker" from a favorite rock song, he was captured by a mob of angry citizens when a picture of him was published in the media, and ended up on California's death row.

Anti-gay activist Fred Phelps, a Baptist minister who is shunned even by some members of his own family and frequently pickets such places as restaurants that employ gay people and the funerals of gay victims of hate murders, has Talthybius square the Sun.

Shannen Doherty, whose behavior and sometimes lurid and exaggerated news reports of same made many people wary of her, has Talthybius in the fifth house of entertainment, conjunct the North Node, sextile the Sun and square Saturn.

Courtney Love, a volatile and erratic person with a history of drug addiction whom conspiracy theorists accuse of murdering her husband Kurt Cobain and who ended up getting her daughter taken away from her after a relapse, has Talthybius in the ninth house of legal involvement and publishing, trine Pluto (criminality, mass hysteria) and the Ascendant and quindecile Ceres (family, nurturance).

Mackenzie Phillips, who has also battled drug addiction and while doing so was a pariah among Hollywood casting directors, has Talthybius in the eighth house of legacies and transformation, semisquare Saturn and the South Node, sextile Ceres, square Sun and Juno, and sesquiquadrate the North Node.

The glyph for Talthybius is mine and was inspired by the US military's practice of sending out soldiers to knock on doors to inform people that their loved ones have been killed in combat.

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