Asteroid 5786 Talos was discovered on September 3, 1991, at Siding Spring Observatory in Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia by Robert H. McNaught. It has a period of 1 year, 45 days.

Talos was named for a minor character in Greco-Roman mythology: the talented nephew of the master craftsman Daedalus, who invented the saw; also known as Perdix. Fearing that Talos would become more highly regarded than he, Daedalus tried to murder him by throwing him off the Acropolis of Athens, but Athene saved him by changing him into a partridge.

Another Talos was a giant made of bronze given to King Minos of Crete by Zeus to serve as a guardian for the island; he is sometimes called the Old Man Of Crete. He attacked Odysseus and his men when their ship approached Crete; Circe used her magick to remove a nail from Talos' foot, causing his blood to be released until he bled to death.

Dante adapted this Talos into a character in his Inferno who weeps for the sins of humanity and whose tears drip down and become the waters of Hell.

Talos, "The Old Man Of Crete"

Astrologically, Talos indicates envy, jealousy and hostility and dealing with it; having a chip on the shoulder; unprovoked attacks; territorialness; complaining about the world's evil or stupidity or feeling it ddeeply; ingenuity; inventiveness; learning to share and be welcoming and generous; bad karma.

Ariel Sharon has Talos prominent, in the twelfth house conjunct Uranus, and also Hylonome and Varuna; decile Vesta; semisquare Ceres; sextile the Moon, Mars, and Pallas; square Pholus, Ixion and Chariklo; quincunx Neptune; and quadnonagon Juno.

Marilyn Manson has Talos in the sixth house, prominent([widely] conjunct Mercury). Other aspects his Talos forms are a conjunction to Lilith; decile the Part of Fortune; sextile Pandora; quintile Neptune; square the Midheaven, Hidalgo, and Nessus; trine Jupiter; quincunx Transylvania; and oppositions to the Moon, Asbolus and the East Point.

Nancy Spungen, the girlfriend of punk rocker Sid Vicious(of the Sex Pistols), who eventually murdered her, had Talos conjunct the Ascendant(and East Point) in the first house, and also semisquare Venus and Vesta; sextile Mars; square the Moon, Juno, the Midheaven and Pandora; trine Ceres and Asbolus; and sesquiquadrate Jupiter.

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, has Talos conjunct Vesta; undecimal Jupiter; square Neptune; the Nodes, Varuna, and Pholus; trine Pallas, Cruithne and Transylvania; and biquintile Saturn.

Terrorism suspect José Padilla has Talos out of bounds, conjunct Heracles and Cruithne, semisextile Chiron, square Hidalgo, quintile Saturn, trine Jupiter, quincunx Asbolus, and quadnonagon Mars.

The glyph for Talos is mine and was inspired by Talos the inventor's status as inventor of the saw.

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