Asteroid 2739 Taguacipa was discovered on October 17, 1952 by Joseph L. Brady at Mount Wilson Observatory near Pasadena, California, USA. Taguacipa is about 8 and 1/6 miles in diameter and has a period(year) of 3 years, 310 days. It was named for an ancient Peruvian god who accompanied the Incas' supreme god, Viracocha, on his travels and turned good people into bad ones.

It is this legend from which asteroid Taguacipa's influence seems to come. Taguacipa is about people going bad, seemingly friendly or innocuous people suddenly showing an evil side, negative changes of heart about people, people with good reputations falling into disrepute.

Filmmaker Woody Allen's seduction of his girlfriend Mia Farrow's adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn is one example. Allen has Taguacipa square the Moon and Venus, opposite Asbolus, trine Pluto and Tortali(something dragged forth into the light; sextile Mars, Vertex(ideal or fated relationships), and Wurm; quintile Neptune(scandal, ideality); biseptile Vesta(commitment), semisquare Pallas, semisextile Ceres(family, letting go), and semisquare/sesquiquadrate the Nodal axis.

Bob Woodward's biography of John Belushi, Wired, describes a talented actor and comedian who began to turn into a drug-addled, out-of-control monster as soon as he came to Hollywood from New York TV. Belushi is now the poster child for fatal Hollywood drug addiction. Belushi had Taguacipa trine the Moon, biseptile Venus and Jupiter, quintile Mars, sextile Uranus and Torricelli(under pressure), tredecile Pluto, biquintile Chiron, semisextile Pallas, square the East Point(how the world sees you) Pholus(following one's heart), Konstitutsiya(guiding principles), and Wurm, conjunct Phaethon(out of control), Hidalgo(assertion), Varuna(being huge somehow), and Hylonome(the people's choice), contraparallel Tezcatlipoca, and opposite Athanasia(immortality).

Ted Bundy, a serial killer who was a roving silver-tongued master of disguises and gained some support from the trendy who believed he was being persecuted by "the system," but ended up executed for numerous murders of women and girls, had Taguacipa sextile the Moon, semisextile the Sun, Don Quixote, Rhiannon(being accused, banishment), and Chariklo(glamor, failure to see beyond appearances), trine Uranus, Walpurga(being monstrous), Yeti(things hard to believe), and Athanasia, square Pallas, Krok(big lies), and the Part of Fortune(how the life unfolds), nonile Juno, opposite Abanderada(political causes), conjunct Flora("flaming" something), parallel Munchhausen(telling "whoppers"), and contraparallel Summa.

Joan Crawford, whose secret child abuse, tyrannical behavior, vicious tantrums and debauchery were revealed posthumously by her daughter Christina, had Taguacipa trine the Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Hylonome; square Venus, Jupiter, Wil, Madhatter, Konstitutsiya, and Damocles(drastic change); sextile the Sun and Vesta; opposite Juno and Thule(pride and prejudice); quadnonagon Uranus; conjunct Torricelli(in the eye of a storm, under pressure), Nabokov(forbidden pleasures), and Casanova(selfish pleasure), and binonile Mercury(writings, the media).

The glyph for Taguacipa is my own conception.

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