Asteroid 5181 SURF was discovered on April 7, 1989 by Eleanor "Glo" Helin at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 3 years, 270 days. Helin named it for the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at the California Institute of Technology(Caltech), including some students who participated in asteroid discovery.

The astrological meaning of SURF, however, appears to be much less profound. "To surf" may mean just that, or it may mean "to flit from one activity to the next, to move rapidly through something", as in "channel surfing"(flipping rapidly through TV channels in search of something interesting) or "Net surfing"(browsing through web sites). Skimming over something; giving superficial, cursory, minimal, reluctant or lukewarm attention to something(perhaps when closer attention is called for); making shallow or snap judgments; being emotionally shallow, impatient or addicted to excitement; having little patience with or time for something seems to be the meaning of asteroid SURF; also possibly water sports conducted on tthe water's surface, such as sailing, surfing or swimming. I have not studied SURF in the charts of those who are into skateboarding and related extreme sports, but SURF may very well relate to these also. I don't mean to dump on those who are into these sports; everybody has a SURF in their chart.

Earl Warren, a former conservative government official who advocated locking up "the Japanese" on the US mainland during World War II, later became a liberal activist Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, and then headed the commission investigating John F. Kennedy's assassination, whose report is widely disbelieved. During the 1950s, bumper stickers reading "Impeach Earl Warren" were widely seen on cars in America due to the decisions his Supreme Court handed down, like Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education. Some reactionary elements still find these decisions of Warren's inconvenient, if not actually deleterious to society. He has SURF out of bounds, conjunct Hammurabi(harsh measures), semisextile the Moon(the public), undecimal Antigone(standing on principle), sextile the Vertex(significant relationships--like the one Warren had with Franklin Roosevelt), square Mercury(writings, thoughts, the media), tredecile Jupiter(the law); trine Damocles(challenging the system, drastic change, drama), Nessus(the predator), Roachapproach, Thetis(producing something new and better, being reminded of one's vulnerability), and Torricelli(in the eye of the storm); annd biquintile the East Point(the way the world sees you).

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, who made a notorious public comment about Salman Rushdie that seemed to support Khomeini's death sentence for alleged blasphemy against him, has SURF conjunct Chiron(lessons learned), semisextile Jupiter(religion) and Pavlov(conditioned response), decile the East Point(one's image in the world), nonile Neptune)illusion, delusion, hysteria, spirituality), quintile the Moon(the public); square Saturn(consequences) and Yeti(eccentric beliefs); trine Lilith(the marginalized), Athanasia(immortality), Cheshirecat(satisfaction), and Thetis(a new and improved version, a memento mori); triundecimal Pluto(mass movements, society's trash can) and Black Moon(wildness), sesquiquadrate Ceres(nurturance), biquintile Uranus(rebellion), quincunx the Vertex(idealized relationship), opposite Pallas(defense of civilization) and NOT(emphatic denial), parallel Torricelli(in hot water), and contraparallel Nessus(the predator), Abanderada(taking up causes), and Rhiannon(escape, being under a cloud).

Joseph McCarthy had SURF conjunct Nessus(the predator); square Pluto(power lust, mass hysteria, regimentation), the Nodes(realization of past experience), Phaethon(going out of control, crashing and burning), Christabel(letting in something evil), Flora(climactic manifestation, to be blighted), Roachapproach, Torricelli, and Wurm(to be contemptible); trine Ceres(nurturance, family values, unions) and Nabokov(harmful or forbidden pleasures); biquintile Mercury(thoughts, writings, speeches, the media); quincunx Pholus(infection, ceremony, following one's heart), Varuna(judgment, hugeness, apocalyptic visions), and Athanasia; triseptile Mars(aggression); quintundecimal Venus(values, righteous indignation) and Jupiter(the law, foreign cultures); parallel Heracles(striving to overcome) and Yeti(strange beliefs), and contraparallel Pallas(mental perception and creativity).

As for aquatic activities:

Australian sailor Alan Villiers had SURF in the fifth house, conjunct Mars(to contend physically) and Juno(married life), sextile the Sun(to shine), Pallas, and Don Quixote; square Damocles(danger, challenge) and Chariklo(glamor); tredecile Jupiter(mind expansion); biquintile Neptune(maritime things); and quadundecimal Part of Fortune.

Sarah Ryan, a young Australian Olympic swimmer, has SURF out of bounds, semisextile Hylonome, decile Hidalgo(pushing oneself forward), semisquare Chiron(to learn or teach things); sextile Venus(artistry, values) and Saturn(hard work); biseptile the Sun(to shine); trine Mercury(to move), Pluto(competitiveness), Ceres(nurturance), and East Point(the world's image of you); sesquiquadrate Pandora(making an impact); opposite Neptune(being in or on water).

Mark Spitz, a prominent American Olympic swimmer, has SURF conjunct the North Node(making experience useful), decile Vesta(commitment), semisquare the Sun, sextile Venus, septile Jupiter(success), square the Vertex, trine Ceres, quadnonagon Saturn, opposite Mars, the South Node(past experience) and Juno.

Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys, who once befriended Charles Manson and eventually drowned after falling off his boat, had SURF semisextile Venus and Phaethon(losing it); binonile Vesta; square Jupiter and Pallas; trine Varuna, Hylonome(popularity), and Don Quixote; quintundecimal Saturn(work, rewards); opposite Asbolus(bad experiences), and parallel the Vertex(significant relationships).

The glyph for SURF is my creation.

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