Asteroid 1928 Summa was discovered on September 21, 1938 by Finnish astronomer Yrjo Vaisala at Turku, Finland, and named for a village in Russia's Karelskaya region, bordering Finland, that was the scene of battles between RSoviet and Finnish forces in 1939 and 1940. Summa has a period of 3 years, 329 days.

In Latin, summa means "highest," and it is this that seems to describe the astrological meaning of asteroid Summa: consummate or crowning achievement, top honors, being the "top dog" or the "king" or "queen" of something, consummation. The pronunciation of summa also suggests "summer", which may reinforce this or provide another dimension to Summa's meaning("the boys of summer",i.e., baseball players; "endless summer", "summer love", "the long hot summer.").

Barbara Walters has Summa in the first house, cusping the second, semisextile Cuitlahuac(knowing when to retreat) and Sassi(defiance); sextile Pholus(insinuating one's way in, getting people to open up, ceremony, giving respect where respect is due) and Athanasia(immortal name); square Vesta(dedication), Robinhood(comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable), and Flora(the flower of something); trine Aesculapia("sunlight is the best disinfectant"), Bologna(skepticism), and Persephone; quadraundecimal Ceres(nurturance); quincunx Hylonome(the cry of the afflicted, what the people want), Nietzsche(the über-person), and Antigone(acting on principle); quindecile Chiron(to learn, to teach, to be ingenious) and North Node(moving beyond old habits); parallel Pallas(defense of civilization), Juno(relating) and Terpsichore(agility), and contraparallel Don Quixote(taking on the mighty), Nyctimene(to escape), Sootiyo(humility) and Roachapproach(the repellent).

Margaret Thatcher has Summa in the twelfth house, conjunct Cupido(vanity, how things look), Sassi, and Munchhausen(a legend); semisextile Nyctimene; decile Part of Fortune(the unfoldment of the life); sextile Huntress(on the track of something) and Sootiyo; biundecimal Neptune(ideals, illusion, delusion); trine Simpson(getting away with something on account of one's position, tricky situations); quincunx Hephaistos(craftsmanship, out-of-the-ordinary relationships); parallel Heracles(coping mechanisms, overcoming), Pholus(to introduce something or insinuate something in), and Ariadne(to betray); and contraparallel Chiron(self-wounding), Armor(being hard-nosed), Ophelia(out of proportion), Flammario(to inspire with ardor, be incendiary) and Nabokov(guilty pleasures). She was Britain's first(and so far only) female prime minister, and one of its most distinguished and successful ones, turning the country away from its deleterious experiment with socialism, but she has marred her own record with incidences of callous behavior, right-wing fanaticism a la Barry Goldwater("Extremism in the service of freedom is no disgrace") and support for dictators such as Augusto Pinochet.

Lucille Ball had Summa in the fourth house, on the cusp of the fifth house of show business, conjunct Saturn(hard work, career), Pallas, and Rhiannon(to send someone away under a cloud); nonile Pluto(unforgettable, transforming); sextile Vesta, Casanova(selfish pleasures), House(things going on at home), and Konstitutsiya(guiding principle, legal involvement); quintile Athanasia; square Child and Walpurga(the bogeyman); trine Antenor(undermining The System) and Yeti(strange ideas); quadranonagon Moon(women, motherhood, the public); parallel Asbolus(awful experiences, goofiness), Aquilegia(tragedy, being victimized), Antigone, Proserpina(transitions), and Taguacipa(from hero to bum); contraparallel Ramirez(being victimized in one's own home) and Cosicosi(indifference, callousness). A comedian specializing in ditzy roles and a gifted entertainer whose marriage to Cuban-American bandleader Desi Arnaz contributed to helping America accept interracial marriage and whose technical innovations like multiple cameras on TV sound stages and live studio audiences has been profoundly influential, Ball was forced to divorce Arnaz when his constant philandering got to be too much emotionally.

Basketball star Wilt Chamberlain had Summa vigintile Mercury(motion, speech), semisextile Lilith(those pushed to the edges, nonwhites) and Nyctimene(to escape something), sextile Robinhood and Walpurga, biundecimal Vesta, septile the Vertex(idealized or significant relationships), quintile Chiron, quintundecimal Saturn, paralllel Aesculapia(medical opinion), and contraparallel House and Tithonus(unable to measure up physically). He claimed to have slept with hundreds of women, which was called poor role modeling in this age of AIDS. His Los Angeles mansion, a far cry from the Philadelphia asphalt jungle from which he came, has proved difficult to sell due to the sheer extravagant luxury of it.

As for Summa and summer being linked:

Mike Love of The Beach Boys(*Endless Summer*) has Summa in the fifth house of show business, trine the Midheaven and square Marathon in the 8th house, while his cousin and bandmate Al Jardine has Summa in the second house of income, square the Midheaven and decile Marathon.

Pro baseball team manager Walter Alston had Summa conjunct Saturn and Pallas, nonile Pluto, biseptile Vesta, biundecimal Neptune, square Hylonome and Abanderada; trine Cheshirecat(keeping a stiff upper lip), Circe(helping out), Cuitlahuac(knowing when to lay off), Don Quixote(giving it one's best shot), Melpomene(singing the blues), Stentor(speaking loudly), and Sophia(rejected ideas); quincunx Tantalus; opposite Pholus, Requiem(all good things must come to an end), Sassi, and Thule(bravado); parallel Juno(relating), and contraparallel Hybris(cockiness).

The glyph for Summa is my own invention.

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