Asteroid 4713, Steel, was discovered on August 26, 1989 by Robert H. McNaught at Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia. Steel has a period of 2 years, 246 days. It was named after British-born Australian astronomer Duncan Steel, whose specialty is the origin and evolution of asteroids, comets and meteoroids.

Duncan Steel

Astrologically, asteroid Steel seems to have to do with steel, or being like steel, or stealing.

Fidel Castro, who expropriated many millions of dollars worth of American-owned property in Cuba after seizing control of the Cuban government by force, has Steel in the twelfth house, conjunct Venus (values), trine Varuna (huge, inflated), and opposite 1996 TL66 (to bring to an end).

Robert Mugabe, who has confiscated numerous white-owned farms in Zimbabwe by force and harassment for redistribution to landless black citizens of his country and has manipulated elections there to perpetuate his power, has Steel square Juno (the disenfranchised), trine Uranus, sesquiquadrate the Sun (to shine, the chief executive) and quincunx Jupiter (the law, philosophy, foreign countries).

Kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart has Steel in the sixth house trine her Sun-Pluto conjunction and sesquiquadrate Juno.

Her abductor, Brian Mitchell, who took her because he believed God had commanded him to marry her, has Steel square Jupiter. His wife and co-conspirator, Wanda Barzee (born November 6, 1945), has Steel conjunct Neptune and Juno and sextile Ceres.

Another young girl kidnapped from her bedroom, Polly Klaas, who never got to come home, had Steel square Vesta.

The man who kidnapped, raped and murdered her, Richard Allan Davis, has Steel trine Hektor (bravery), Antenor (a bad influence) and Stentor (loudly trumpeted), and square Thersander. Davis "got his" in the end.

David Westerfield, who also went to California's death row for a similar crime, has Steel conjunct 1996 TL66, trine Neptune and Stentor, and opposite Pluto.

Imprisoned terrorism suspect José Padilla has Steel trine Ceres. In his case, what has been stolen from him is his civil rights: guilty or innocent, this is what he deserves.

Famed con artist and thief turned white-collar-crime consultant Frank Abagnale has Steel square Memnon (a new beginning, to monitor or examine) and 2002 AW197 (widespread changes), trine Sekhmet (zeal in another's behalf) and Cruithne (one's roots), and opposite 2002 TX300 (lack of sophistication). He says he was able to do what he did because the 1960s was a much more naive time, when people tended to take others at face value.

Judy Sheindlin, known to millions as Judge Judy, is a hard-nosed person with Steel conjunct Chiron and sextile the Sun.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair, once called "the most hated woman in America," had Steel in the fifth house, semisquare Saturn (work), sextile Neptune (ideals), square Pluto (power, transformation), trine the Ascendant, sesquiquadrate Pallas (politics), and opposite Chiron.

19th-century Scottish immigrant American industrialist Andrew Carnegie, who made much of his fortune from steelmaking, something he had to learn, had Steel square Chiron (lessons taught or learned) and trine Memnon (a new beginning), Heracles (to strive), and 2002 TC302 (in a certain political context).

Henry Bessemer (born January 19, 1813, in Carleton, Hertfordshire, England), inventor of the steelmaking process that bears his name, had Steel conjunct Ceres, semisquare Pluto (the major planet that rules steel), sextile Pandora, square Stentor, trine Memnon (a new beginning), and quincunx Chariklo (glamor).

Elbert Gary (born October 8, 1846, in Wheaton, Illinois), the founder of the steel corporation once known as U.S. Steel and now known as USX (and also namesake of the city of Gary, Indiana), had Steel quincunx Damocles (drastic change) and opposite 2002 AW197.

The glyph for Steel is mine.

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