Asteroid 2433 Sootiyo was discovered on April 5, 1981, by Edward Bowell at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory near Flagstaff, Arizona. It has a period of 4 years, 74 days. Its name is a Hopi Indian word meaning "star boy."

This conjures up a number of images. One is Joni Mitchell's 1970 hit tune "Woodstock"("We are stardust, we are clover, we are billion-year-old carbon"); this refers to the finding that all life on earth arose from carbon and other elements generated in the stars. Another is the alleged alien human breeding schemes in which people are abducted by aliens and either impregnated or their sperm or eggs extracted by the aliens aboard their ships. And then there is the classic sci-fi saga 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which alien intelligences at the apex of evolution composed of pure energy/mentality involve themselves in supervising the evolution of humanity and plant a signaling device on the moon and another object on Jupiter's moon Europa(Saturn's moon Iapetus in the Arthur Clarke novel on which the movie is based), to let the ETIs know when we have made the jump to space travel, and can proceed to the next level. Astronaut Dave Bowman(played by Keir Dullea), arrives at Europa(Iapetus) after a long space journey and some famous misadventures perpetrated by the malfunction and cybernetic psychotic breakdown of the ship's computer, and finds a duplicate of TMA-1(Tycho Magnetic Anomaly), a mysterious slab of some black substance found in the lunar crater Tycho which emitted a tremendous shriek of radio noise when it was dug up from where it had been buried and greeted the lunar dawn. The signaling device just alluded to. He takes one of the ship's work craft and sails down toward the object, which suddenly becomes a gate into another dimension. He sails through the gate and becomes a Star Child.

The morality of interfering with the development of another culture is apparently beside the point with the ETIs. If there are any out there, and if they are aware of us, they are evidently allowing us to make our own mistakes, yet some expect salvation from the stars a la The Day The Earth Stood Still. Whether you believe or disbelieve in aliens and UFOs, whether you believe in a Supreme Being or not, the vastness of the cosmos and the immensity of all the knowledge that exists is mind-boggling. And some people, whether believing or disbelieving in aliens and UFOs, believe that a prophet crucified 2100 years ago can advance them spiritually by virtue of his death.

I see Sootiyo as relating to humility, oneness with the cosmos, vicarious experience or gain, being taken care of or expecting to be, lack of self-reliance.

Henk Middelraad has also linked Sootiyo to subtlety.

Billy Graham has Sootiyo in the tenth house, conjunct the Midheaven, House(things happening at home, with family), and Flora(climactic development, efflorescence); semisextile Pholus(ceremony, worming one's way in), Hammurabi(fire and brimstone) and Veteraniya(wide experience); nonile Mercury(speech, writings, media); semisquare Uranus(TV and radio); sextile Heracles(striving with) and Sassi(going against the social grain); trine Chariklo(charm, perspective); quadraundecimal Saturn(hard work, conservatism); quincunx Pandora(making a splash, having an impact, unintended consequences); parallel Thetis(the limitations entailed by being human) and Yeti(strange beliefs); and contraparallel Aquilegia(exploiting tragedy for an unrelated purpose), Hephaistos(physical problems), Tantalus(hungering for something, ingratitude, misplaced generosity, temptation) and Christabel(beset by evil). He was one of the first Christian evangelists to use television to reach a wide audience; he has been spiritual adviser to almost every president from Harry Truman on. Now old and disabled, his son, Franklin, and daughter, Anne, carry on his work, though not quite in the same way; Franklin is more hard-line, less inclusive, than his father is.

Jim Bakker, whose behavior has been far from humble in the past, when he and ex-wife Tammy Faye Messner ran the PTL Club, but is quite humble now with a jail term behind him, has Sootiyo in the twelfth house, forming the following aspects: semisextile Sophia(rejected ideas), nonile Juno(marriage) and the East Point(how the world sees you), sextile Descartes(using one's head) and Terpsichore9agility); square Robinhood(confiscation of assets) and Rousseau(back to basics); trine Vicia(viciousness); sesquiquadrate Ceres(nurturance) and the Vertex(ideal or significant relationships); quincunx Simpson(bad experiences that have a happy ending); quintundecimal Chiron(to learn, to teach); parallel Chariklo(charm, glamor, perspective), Astraea(difficulty with closure), Madhatter, and Rhiannon(imprisonment, scandal); and contraparallel Lilith.

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, who turned his back on secular pop music, converted to Islam, got himself in trouble shooting off his mouth about Salman Rushdie and now records Muslim religious music, has Sootiyo semisquare the Moon(the public); sextile Thule(too good for something or somebody); trine Chiron(self-wounding, the maverick, having something to learn and/or teach), Lilith(the marginalized, the misunderstood), and Cheshirecat(maintaining serenity); quincunx Photographica, Tithonus(unable to continue with something) and Unsold(disenchantment); triseptile Saturn(hard work, career, consequences, exacting); quadnonagon Vesta(commitment); opposite Walpurga(a nightmare, a bogeyman); parallel Juno(marriage,the underdog); and contraparallel Proserpina(going through a transition, going away).

Earl Warren had Sootiyo semisextile Pandora(having a major impact, social change), Phaethon(out of control), Casanova(selfish enjoyment) and Taguacipa(to change totally about people); sextile Lilith(those in the shadows of life, to borrow Hubert Humphrey's phrase), Pholus(to show respect) and Photographica(a clear picture); parallel Madhatter(madness), Thalia(life is fun), Veteraniya(wide experience), and Vibilia(travel); and contraparallel Ophelia(disproportionate reactions), Tezcatlipoca(criminal behavior), and Unsold(disillusionment). He was instrumental as California Attorney General in getting Japanese-Americans and Japanese resident aliens in the US locked up as "potential fifth columnists" during World War II, and later compiled an impressive and revolutionary liberal record as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, extending civil rights to minorities and others who were second-class citizens before.

Stanley Kirk Burrell, a rapper better known as MC Hammer, has Sootiyo conjunct Midas(making money); semisextile the Sun(to shine); semisquare Mercury(the media); sextile Sisyphus(to lose what has been attained); square Saturn(career, hard work, rewards); trine Ariadne(betrayal), Daedalus(creativity, cleverness, feeling trapped by one's own success), Panacea(solving problems), Flammario(setting the world on fire); opposite Pandora(having an impact); parallel Achilles(a fatal flaw), Odysseus(cleverness), and Bandersnatch(unslain monsters); and contraparallel Chariklo(glamor), Photographica(seeing things very clearly) and Thetis(all too human). He was on top of the rap world in the early nineties, leading a lavish lifestyle, and by the end of the decade was bankrupt and virtually forgotten, but he has had a big impact on hip-hop and on popular music in general which has yet to be fully assessed.

The glyph for Sootiyo is mine and was inspired by the interdimensional gate in 2001: The Space Odyssey; Keir Dullea, playing Dave Bowman, exclaimed in awe as he sailed down toward it in his spacecraft, "My God, it's full of stars!"

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