Asteroid 1130, Skuld, was discovered on September 2, 1929 by Karl Reinmuth at Heidelberg, Germany, and independently co-discovered on September 12, 1929 by Arnold Schwassmann and Arno A. Wachmann at Bergedorf Observatory in Hamburg, Germany. Skuld has a period of 3 years, 119 days.

It was named for one of the three Norns in Norse mythology, Skuld (the Future). The other Norns are Urda (the Past) and Werdandi (the Present).

Astrologically, Skuld indicates the future, or future-oriented thinking.

Science-fiction writer Sir Arthur Clarke (born December 16, 1917, in Minehead, Somerset, England, UK), author of 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequels, predicted the invention and the future importance of the satellite. He has Skuld square the Sun (to shine) and opposite Chiron (lessons taught or learned).

Physician and accomplished techno-thriller writer Michael Crichton, whose novels and screenplays have anticipated reproductive cloning of animals, common knowledge of animals learning to communicate with humans, and CGI in motion pictures and dealt with the issues of psychosurgery and female-superior-on-male-subordinate workplace sexual harassment, but he has displayed a lamentably atavistic viewpoint in his views toward global warming. He has Skuld in the sixth house, conjunct Pholus (need to show respect) and Lilith (reluctance to accept something), semisquare the South Node (past influences), sextile Chaos (new and different things), square the Midheaven (career, reputation), tredecile Neptune (imagination), sesquiquadrate Uranus (to excite, to startle) and the North Node (to rise above past influences), and biquintile Saturn (work).

Futurist and inventor Buckminster Fuller (born July 12, 1895, in Milton, Massachusetts), who conceived the geodesic dome, had Skuld in the fourth house, sextile Mars (energy), square the Sun, Jupiter (education, philosophy), and Juno (marriage), trine Neptune (idealization, dreams) and quincunx the Moon (the public).

Theodore Roosevelt (born October 27, 1858, in New York), who was instrumental in the construction of the Panama Canal, the creation of the US national park system as we know it, and the dismantling of various business monopolies, had Skuld conjunct the Sun and Mercury and semisquare Pallas (politics).

The glyph for Skuld is mine and is intended to represent a clock whose hands point to three o'clock (in the afternoon), a time of day when many children are about to be let out of school (and are looking forward to it).

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