Asteroid 3391, Sinon, a Jupiter Trojan, was discovered February 18, 1977 by Hiroki Kosai and Kiichiro Hurukawa at Kiso, Japan. Sinon has a period of 12 years, 64 days.

It was named for a Greek hero of the Trojan War who was instrumental in bringing about the defeat of the Trojans. Sinon talked the Trojans into bringing the Trojan Horse into the city, falsely claiming he had been abandoned by the Greeks when they sailed away. Dante, a partisan of the Trojans, put Sinon in Hell in the Divine Comedy, in the Pit of the Falsifiers, bickering with the Italian counterfeiter who lay next to him.

Astrologically, asteroid Sinon seems to indicate letting something in, Trojan horses, mistrust, overcoming mistrust, persuasion leading to the lowering of barriers.

Norwegian collaborator with the Nazis Vidkun Quisling (born July 18, 1887, in Fyresdal, Norway), whose name is synonymous with treason and collaboration with invaders, had Sinon conjunct Hylonome (support, the cry of the people), sextile Damocles (transgressive) and Elatus (expressed eloquently), square Pallas (politics) and Cruithne (branded, synonymous with something), and quincunx Phaethon (taking off, crashing and burning).

Ronald Reagan, who helped move American politics to the right as president, had Sinon in the first house, on the Ascendant, semisquare the Sun (to shine, to lead, chief executive), sextile Chiron (the door-opener), square Pandora (making a splash, having an impact) and Chariklo (to glamorize, need to keep perspective), trine Saturn (work, career, rewards and consequences) and Don Quixote (taking on the system), and parallel Hidalgo (to assert, to promote, to defend).

Ted Kennedy, a longtime liberal luminary whose presidential hopes died at Chappaquiddick, has Sinon in the ninth house of the law, philosophy and religion, on the Midheaven, sextile Moon (the public, women), Neptune (scandal, drowning, idealism, altruism) and Pholus (foolishness, accidental death, courage before power) and trine Chaos (activism) as well as conjunct the Midheaven (career, reputation, authority).

South African president F.W. De Klerk, who dismantled the apartheid regime under pressure from the world, has Sinon conjunct Damocles (drastic change, politics, experience of groupthink), semisextile Heracles (to struggle with), semisquare the North Node (to move beyond the past, to make connections), sextile Vesta (dedication) and Nessus (purifying of psychological toxins), square Asbolus (advice taken), sesquiquadrate the South Node (past influences, separations), quincunx Pluto (transformative) and contraparallel Chiron.

Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first female prime minister, has Sinon in the fourth house, semisextile Nessus, sextile Jupiter (prosperity, religion, the law), square Phaethon (in the driver's seat, a phenomenon), trine Saturn, Pluto and the Ascendant, and parallel Mars (aggression, assertion, the military).

When the "Chunnel" tunnel between England and France opened on May 6, 1994, Sinon was conjunct Elatus (dodging a bullet, well-put), decile Saturn, quintile Mars (anger, defense, vehicles) and Pallas, trine Ceres (to nurture, to let go), and quincunx Chiron.

Jimmy Carter, who inadvertently helped create the current conservative stereotype of the wimpy liberal leader, who negotiated the treaty that released the Panama Canal to Panama and whose religiosity has set a tone for American politics since then, has Sinon in the fourth house of home life and early experiences, conjunct Damocles, square the Moon, and trine Chariklo and the Ascendant.

The glyph for Sinon is mine.

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