Asteroid 41488, Sindbad, was discovered August 29, 2000 by John Broughton at Reedy Creek, Queensland, Australia. It has a period of 7 years, 314 days.

It was named for Sindbad (or Sinbad) the Sailor, one of the best-known characters from The Thousand and One Nights (or Arabian Nights), a classic medieval compilation of fantastic tales. In the Sinbad story cycle, set in Basra, Iraq, Sinbad the Sailor heard a poor man, a porter also named Sinbad, complaining about the injustice of his life as he rested outside Sinbad the Sailor's house, and told him how he himself had become rich, in a series of seven tales.

A representation of Sinbad the Sailor on his sixth voyage by Irish artist Rene Bull (1872-1946), from a 1912 British edition of The Arabian Nights

The meaning of asteroid Sindbad seems to be: stumbling onto something absorbing or wondrous.

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