4788 Simpson was discovered on October 4, 1986, by Edward Bowell at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory at Flagstaff, Arizona. Simpson has a period of 3 years, 146 days. Bowell named it for Robert Simpson(1921-1997), an English composer and fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Robert Simpson

Many at this time would be more familiar with other Simpsons: the satiric picaresque cartoon family created by Matt Groening which features precocious out-of-control kids and bumbling parents, in particular the lovably impertinent ten-year-old Bart Simpson;

Bart Simpson

Bart and family

and O.J. Simpson, the former football star, sportscaster, actor and endorser who is widely believed to have murdered his second wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman.

O.J. Simpson

Asteroid Simpson seems to be astrologically closer to O.J. and Bart Simpson than anything as dignified as science or classical music; it seems to signify the picaresque, the mischievous, the lawless, escaping punishment for misdeeds(especially for the moment), having one's bad deeds overtake one eventually, having to live with a bad reputation or the consequences of one's past negative actions, landing on one's feet.

Joan Crawford, whose abuse of her adoptive children caught up with her after her death, had Simpson in the eleventh house of politics and other people's kids, conjunct the North Node(development of human potential); semisextile the Part of Fortune(unfoldment of the life); decile the East Point(how the world sees you); sextile Ceres(family life), Asbolus(awful things) and the Midheaven(reputation, career); square Chiron(ingenuity), the Black Moon(wildness), Hidalgo(self-promotion), and Hybris(hubris); tredecile the Moon(the public, motherhood); trine Pluto(secret, dark doings); sesquiquadrate Hygeia; quincunx Nessus(the predator) and Perseverantia(persistence); quindecile the Sun(to shine) and Vesta(commitment); opposite Hektor(domineering), Roddenberry(everything that exists can be understood) and the South Node(past conditioning); parallel Whiterabbit(drawn into an unreal situation); and contraparallel Damocles(crisis, danger, transgression).

Jane Fonda has Simpson out of bounds in the eleventh house of politics, conjunct Venus(values, art, beauty), Black Moon, Kafka(weird situations), and McAuliffe(liabilities); semisextile Mercury(the media, thoughts, utterances) and Rockefellia(paying the price for one's lawless behavior); sextile the East Point and Lacrimosa("you will cry for this"); quintile Mars(the military, soldiers, war) and Ceres; square Neptune(communism, confusion), Don Quixote(rebellion against The System), Chaos, Hektor, and Magnanimity(blessed by life); biquintile Uranus(leftist beliefs); trine Pandora(having an impact, making mischief) and Varuna(judgmental attitude, condemning, hugeness); quincunx Tara(smooth flow); opposite 1999 CY118(a monster society created); parallel the Sun, Hybris, Perseverantia, and Solidarity(united against someone); and contraparallel Volta(revolted, galvanized).

Thomas Hamilton murdered a classroom-full of Scottish kindergartners and their teacher and then killed himself in Britain's worst school shooting incident ever, after a court denied him access to children; as a result, Britain's already strict gun laws were tightened, much more readily and with much less controversy than would be possible in the US at this time. Hamilton had Simpson in the tenth house of reputation, conjunct Pallas(politicians, defense of civilization), Astraea(difficulty with closure), Child, and Whiterabbit; semisextile Abanderada(to raise a standard), Aquilegia(tragedy involving the helpless and vulnerable, used for political purposes) and the North Node(to rise above past conditioning); decile Jupiter(philosophy, the law) and Ceres(nurturance); nonile Venus; sextile Tantalus(snatched out of reach), Daedalus(the artful dodger), and Marathon(something that just keeps going on and on); square Chariklo(glamor), Valentine(an arrow, or dagger, in one's heart), Sassi(giving the finger to society), Fisher(looking for something, like trouble), and Sisyphus(frustration); trine the Moon(the public, women, mothers, young children), the Vertex(significant relationships), Don Quixote, Atahualpa(no surrender, brutality), and Thalia(life is a joke); quincunx the South Node(past conditioning); opposite Cupido(cultural issues, how things look), Hatshepsut(female power), and Melpomene(tragedy); parallel Nyctimene(escape); and contraparallel Saturn(consequences, punishment).

Shannen Doherty, who has, in the words of one entertainment writer, taken on Hollywood's most powerful and lived to tell the tale, has Simpson in the first house, conjunct Lilith(repressed rage, unconventional or intimidating women) and BAM(to explode); sextile Jupiter, Neptune(motion pictures), Asbolus(advice given or taken, being oneself, awful experiences), House(home life), Memnon(overexposure, close scrutiny) and Thule(too good for something or somebody); square Nietzsche(lawless behavior); trine Varuna, Cupido, Eurydike(success lost), Panacea(problem-solving), Partizanske(partisan attitudes), and Stentor(speaking loudly); quincunx Mercury(the media, speaking, writing); quintundecimal Venus(art, beauty, values); quadnonagon the Vertex; quindecile the Part of Fortune; opposite the Aries Point(fame), Heracles(to strive) and Armor; and parallel Circe(helping others, turning people into animals).

Adolf Hitler also had Simpson in the tenth house, conjunct Torricelli(raising the storm, in a huge amount of trouble, air too thin), Requiem, Memnon and Rhiannon(a prisoner, accusations); semisextile Juno(marriage, rage of the repressed), Asbolus, and Hatshepsut; undecimal Daedalus, Ariadne(betrayal), and Requiem; semisquare Saturn; septile Pallas and the Part of Fortune; sextile Melpomene; square Vesta, the Vertex, Lilith, Hephaistos(the disabled), Nietzsche, Child, and Eurydike; trine Mercury, Chariklo, Nyctimene, Sophia(ideas repudiated), Atahualpa, and Antenor(to act to one's own country's or people's detriment); sesquiquadrate Jupiter; quincunx BAM; opposite Nessus, Damocles, Sootiyo(to set someone up as a savior), and Odysseus(wily); parallel Pluto(criminal behavior, mass destruction, genocide, immense energy, transforming, massive social movements), Heracles, and Walpurga(the bogeyman); and contraparallel Whiterabbit and Hebe(service to the immature).

And O.J. Simpson has Simpson in the second house of earned income, conjunct Torricelli, Requiem, Memnon, Rhiannon, and Sootiyo(saved); semisextile the Ascendant; nonile the East Point; semisquare Saturn; sextile Mercury, Valentine(relationships), and Thule; square Uranus, Ariadne, Atahualpa, Melpomene; tredecile Mars and the Vertex; trine Pholus, Hephaistos, House, Midas(money-making potential, fatal lapses of judgment or oversights), Photographica(photography, motion pictures), Stentor, and Thetis(no one is immune from justice); biquintile Ceres; quincunx Ophelia(self-destructive behavior, intense reactions); opposite the Moon and Damocles; parallel Neptune; and contraparallel Casanova(selfish pleasure, wide travel), Whiterabbit, Tisiphone(getting one's just deserts), and Partizanske.

The glyph for Simpson is my own conception and recalls either the crown(through which many old-time monarchs evaded accountability) or the hairdo of Bart Simpson(whose name is an anagram for "brat").

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