Asteroid 79360, Sila-Nunam, is a double system in the Kuiper Belt--two asteroids of almost equal siz--classified with the cubewanos. It was discovered on February 3, 1997 by Jane X. Luu, David C. Jewitt, Chadwick A. Trujillo and Jun Chen at Mauna Kea. It has a period of 292 years, 41 days.

Its name combines the names of its two components, Sila and Nunam, both named for Inuit deities. Sila is the Inuit god of the sky, weather, and life force. Nunam is the Earth goddess, Sila's wife. Nunam created the land animals and, in some traditions, the Inuit people (in other traditions Sila created the first people out of wet sand). Sila breathed life into the Inuit.

Jonathan Dunn associates Sila-Nunam astrologically with serene acceptance and easy-going decadence; ability to take 'the long view', good listener, "letting things just wash over you." <'p>

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