Asteroid 36672, Sidi, was discovered on August 21, 2000 by the Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search (LONEOS) at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory near Flagstaff, Arizona.

It was named for child Holocaust victim Sidonie Adlersburg (1933-1943), an abandoned Austrian Roma (Gypsy) girl raised by a Sierning, Ober Österreich, Austria couple named Hans and Josefa Breirather until she was deported to Auschwitz and murdered, at the age of 10, after the Nazi German takeover of her home country. Local welfare officials, the town's mayor, the principal of her school, all cooperated in her deportation without any instructions from above, which doesn't fit very well with the long-standing Austrian notion that the country was a victim of the Nazi German regime rather than in any way complicit in its atrocities, although victimhood at the hands of the Nazis indeed existed. Sidonie is memorialized in the 1989 novel Farewell, Sidonie by Austrian writer Erich Hackl and in the TV program Sidonia Adlersburg, whose screenplay Hackl also wrote.

Sidonie Adlersburg

One of the favorite stories of the late Rod Serling, creator of "The Twilight Zone," was "The Story of Sidi Nonman,", reportedly an extract from The Arabian Nights. It is about an unfortunate man from medieval Baghdad, Sidi Nonman, who finds himself married to a woman who practices black magick. She turns Sidi into a dog after he catches her eating dead bodies in a cemetery with a ghoul, and after some misadventures, he encounters another witch, this one ethical, who turns him back into a human being and provides him with the means to put his wicked wife Amina under restraint. Armed with the charm the witch gives him, Sidi turns Amina into a horse, loses control and beats her furiously, and then finds himself having to explain himself to the city's ruler. The caliph decides it would be the wise thing to do to leave Amina just the way she is, but tells Sidi not to beat her anymore, because being turned into an animal is enough punishment.

Astrologically, asteroid Sidi seems to indicate abuse/betrayal by a loved one, need to distinguish justice from revenge, fury, need for coolness/restraint, a prodigy..

The glyph for Sidi is mine.

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