Asteroid 136818, Selqet, an Aten asteroid, was discovered on June 29, 1997 by Roy Tucker at the Goodricke-Pigott Observatory in Tucson, Arizona. It has a period of about 331½ days.

Selqet was named for the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic and protector of the other gods from the destroyer, Apep (Apophis). Also known as Serqet, Selqet was one of the four guardians of the deceased. Her aid was beseeched by those afflicted by scorpion or other stings. The scorpion was her sacred creature.

Astrologically, asteroid Selqet indicates thanatology, having to do with death or suicide helping others die or otherwise transition, healing, punishment, police and other emergency work, the paranormal, arachnids, reptiles .

The glyph for Selqet is mine.

Thanks to Renee Serrano, Janis Page, Raymond Andrews, Diana Shaw, Martina Erskine, and Mumtaz Karimjee for their participation in deriving the meaning of this asteroid.

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