Asteroid 90377, Sedna, was discovered on November 14, 2003 by Chad Trujillo, Michael E. Brown, and David Rabinowitz at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. Sedna, a Kuiper Belt Object, has an extremely long period: 12,795 years (and 207 days).

Sedna was named for the goddess of the sea in Inuit mythology.

Sea Goddess, by Canadian Inuit Eskimo artist Germaine Arnaktayoak

Astrologically, Sedna seems to indicate the sea and marine life, the web of life, nature, extinction/conservation, rage, being "too good for" admirers or relationships, vanity, narcissism; to appease, mollify or be diplomatic; dealing with anger; coming from a "burned" or "frozen" place (Marcus Wellman); nurturance; "way out there" (Jonathan Dunn); bizarreness, delusion, unknown or remote places; loneliness; disease; loss of, or loss of function in the hands.

El Paso private detective Jay J. Armes (born Julian Armas on August 12, 1932 in El Paso), who became very successful in his field despite having prosthetic steel hooks instead of hands (which he blew off when he was 12 playing with dynamite) has Sedna conjunct Dioretsa, semisextile the North Node, quincunx the South Node, trine the Sun, quincunx Heracles (a mythic feat), parallel Elatus and Damocles, and contraparallel Hylonome.

Mary Vincent (born May 17, 1963) as a troubled runaway teen in 1978 was picked up in California by Lawrence Singleton, who raped her, hacked off her arms, and left her for dead beside the highway near Modesto. He was given a relatively lenient sentence, but communities all over California refused to take him when he was paroled, and he ended up leaving the state; as a result, Vincent lived in fear for decades, until she finally helped put him behind bars for good after he was convicted in Florida of murdering a prostitute. He died of cancer on death row. Mary Vincent has Sedna conjunct Venus (socialization) and square Rhadamanthus (up to somebody else).

Heavy-metal guitar legend Tony Iommi (born February 19, 1948, in Birmingham, England) had to make adjustments to the way he played his instrument after losing the tips of his fingers in an industrial accident when he was just starting out in the music business. These changed the sound of the band entirely and forced a change of genre, from blues to heavy metal, at which Iommi and the band have been much more successful. He has Sedna conjunct Deucalion (hard, tough, working to save something), semisextile Pallas (conceptualization), sextile Orcus (to seize opportunities, act as a leader), Uranus (innovation), and 2002 AW197 (the design or structure of something), and opposite Don Quixote (to attack barriers) and Pandora (making a splash, having an impact, unintended consequences).

Stephen King has Sedna in the tenth house of career and reputation, sextile Hylonome (popular appeal), square Hidalgo, Pholus (to permeate, to be respectful) and Huya (something missing), and contraparallel the Sun (to shine), Venus and Pallas.

H.P. Lovecraft had Sedna conjunct Talos, sextile Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Varuna, trine Cyllarus, quincunx Saturn, and parallel the Moon, Venus and Ascendant.

19th-century American horror writer Fitz-James O'Brien (born December 31, 1828, in Limerick, Ireland) had Sedna conjunct Huya, semisextile Ixion (inventive), square Lilith (dark, arational), and quincunx Asbolus (awful things).

Eccentric surrealist painter Salvador Dali, who endured his wife and muse Gaia's numerous infidelities, had Sedna in the tenth house, sextile Hylonome and Chaos, square the Ascendant (personal interests), trine Quaoar (something seminal, very interesting) and parallel Juno (marriage partner).

Jimmy Carter, who made no secret of being a devout Christian and did what he could to nurture the environment, has Sedna in the seventh house, on the Descendant, conjunct Nessus, semisextile Orcus (to inspire, to lead, "seizing the day") and Okyrhoe (acting according to one's own vision), trine Jupiter (religion), and parallel the Sun (to shine, to lead, chief executive) and Pallas (politics) as well as opposite the Ascendant.

Rachel Carson, who endured intense and scurrilous personal attacks to awaken the world to the impact of pesticides on the environment, had Sedna conjunct Rhadamanthus (ethical, a judge), semisquare Vesta (commitment, focus), sextile Huya and Mercury, square Ceres (to nurture), Neptune (chemicals, lies), Jupiter (publishing), and Uranus (awakening), and opposite Pholus (need to show respect, courage before power).

Famed marine explorer and conservationist Jacques Cousteau had Sedna conjunct Ceres and square Deucalion (submerged, to attempt to save).

Jacques Piccard (born July 28, 1922 in Brussels), who with Don Walsh made the first descent to the deepest part of the ocean, Challenger Deep, had Sedna conjunct Pelion (having to deserve something, initiation), sextile Damocles (danger, crisis), trine Neptune (the sea), and quincunx Venus.

Primate behaviorist Dian Fossey (born January 16, 1932, in San Francisco), who gave her life defending the gorillas she worked with in Rwanda, had Sedna conjunct Uranus and Dioretsa (something that sticks, off course), square Juno (public persona) and Phaethon, and quincunx Quaoar (feeling compelled to do something, in the spotlight, under the microscope).

Famously reclusive movie star Greta Garbo had Sedna in the third house, on the IC, conjunct Rhadamanthus (to act as a judge), semisextile Chariklo (glamorization, need to keep perspective) and Ceres (to let go, to nurture), sextile Deucalion (to save something), Huya (something missing), Hylonome (popular appeal), Heracles (a mighty feat) and Hidalgo (to assert), square Neptune (motion pictures, mystery), trine Pandora (making a splash, having an impact), and quincunx Vesta (dedication).

Mae West, another great actress of old Hollywood, had numerous lovers, but never lived with her husband, fellow vaudevillian Frank Wallace, who she married in 1911 and divorced in 1942; she claimed she never even married him but had to go to court to divorce him just the same. She had Sedna in the eleventh house, conjunct Pallas (conceptualization), sextile Varuna (grown big), and quincunx Pandora and Lilith (something repressed or marginalized, female lust).

Linda Ronstadt, a self-reliant person who has dated but never married and has had to deal with slanderous people throughout her career, but has adopted two children, has Sedna in the fourth house, conjunct Heracles (to contend with), square Sun (to shine) and Pholus (need to show respect), and trine Elatus (eloquent or powerful expression) and Deucalion.

Madonna, who has a reputation as snobbish and as vain, egotistical, and self-promoting even in her (very public) spiritual pursuits, has Sedna in the eighth house, square Rhadamanthus (up to somebody else) and Chariklo, trine Hidalgo (to assert, to promote, to defend), and opposite Jupiter (prosperity, religion, philosophy).

At the time of the beginning of the first known outbreak of Lassa fever (January 12, 1969, Lassa, Bondo, Nigeria), Sedna was conjunct Quaoar and Phaethon (out of control, to attempt to bring back under control).

The glyph for Sedna was created by Brian Lee.

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