Asteroid 7500 Sassi was discovered on October 3, 1996 at Farra d'Isonzo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy by the Cultural Astronomical Club of Farra d'Isonzo. It has a period (year) of 3 years, 172 days, and it was named for Italian amateur astronomer Giorgio Sassi(born 1918), co-founder of Italy's Observatorio San Vittore. He conceived and brought about the construction of the optical and electronic elements involved in building an automated telescope and wrote a book which is considered the "bible" for Italian amateur astronomers who want to make their own telescopes.

The astrological influence of asteroid Sassi, however, seems to come from the English word it suggests: "sassy": insolence, impertinence, defiance. To be sassy, to talk back, to give the finger:

Joan Baez made her name as a protest singer in the 1960s and once urged women to reject men unless they rejected military service; after the fall of Saigon, upon learning of human-rights abuses committed by the Vietnamese government, she worked to raise public awareness of them. She has Sassi square the Moon, Ceres and Hidalgo; opposite Juno, sextile Jupiter and Saturn, trine Lilith, contraparallel Nessus and the Part of Fortune, and biquintile Pluto.

Muckraking novelist Upton Sinclair, whose 1914 book The Jungle led to reforms in the meatpacking industry, had Sassi opposite the East Point(the world's judgment), quincunx Athanasia(immortality) and Cuitlahuac(disease), square Krok (lies) and NOT, sextile Abanderada(causes) and trine Varuna (judgment, grandiosity).

David Koresh had Sassi square Ceres(nurturance), Varuna, Krok, Madhatter(no explanation necessary), and Wil(ditto); opposite Munchhausen(big lies); conjunct Uranus, Summa(the apex or apotheosis of something), Cheshirecat, and Bologna(as in "baloney"); sextile Cuitlahuac(coming to the end of the line), semisquare the East Point, quincunx Pavlov(conditioned or unthinking behavior), and semisextile Mars(fires, soldiers, police).

Sassi's asteroid number reduces to 3, the number of self-expression, which indcates a tendency to hurt people with tactless speech and behavior.

The glyph for Sassi is my own invention and comes from the time-honored gesture of defiance: the sticking out of the tongue.

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