Asteroid 12472, Samadhi, was discovered on February 3, 1997, at Kitt Peak Observatory near Sells, Arizona, by the team of astronomers known as Spacewatch. It has a period of 3 years, 252 days.

Samadhi (in Sanskrit, "establish" or "make firm") is an Eastern mystical term which refers to the mental experience of "one-pointedness of mind": absorption, union with an object contemplated, the suspension of energy in, or diversion of energy from, one part of the brain in order to allow for an increase in energy in another. There are several degrees of samadhi which have as their goal emptiness (shunyata), the state of characteristiclessness (animitta) and freedom from discrimination of knowledge of nirvana. The highest level of samadhi, asamprajnata ("supraconscious"), is the absence of desire, feeling, thought and behavior, in which all limitation and the cycle of unhappiness is overcome and all desires are extinguished. There is selflessness, no-mind, non-duality, and the subject-object relationship momentarily disappears.

It is imprecise to describe samadhi as the soul leaving the body, yet it has been described this way, and it seems to describe the astrological influence of asteroid Samadhi in part: soullessness, emptiness, amorality, depravity, bankruptcy, ruined, finished, "losing oneself," possibly existence in spirit or self-absorption.

However, it can also indicate connectedness, making contact, being "one with" something or somebody.

Kurt Cobain had Samadhi conjunct the Midheaven on the ninth-house side, sextile Chaos (to mix up and renew) and 2002 VQ94 (to shatter) going one way and 1999 OX3 (savvy, cutting, corrosive) going the other way, square 1995 SN55 (warm, nurturing, needy), semisquare Juno (marriage, the disadvantaged) and sesquiquadrate Mars (anger, aggression).

Bill Clinton has Samadhi in the first house, trine Asbolus ("listen to me", terrible experiences) and 1999 CY118 (motivating supporters).

Pioneering female aviator Amelia Earhart had Samadhi in the fourth house, conjunct Hylonome (tragedy, popular appeal) and quincunx the MC.

Princess Diana had Samadhi in the eleventh house of love received, conjunct Neptune (idealism, compassion, confusion, photography) and trine Hidalgo (to promote, to assert, to defend) and SN55.

Elvis Presley had Samadhi in the eleventh house also, semisquare the Ascendant (personal appearance), square Ceres (nurturance), Thersander (to claim one's due), the Part of Fortune (success, development) and the Vertex (ideal or fated relationships), trine Phaethon(a phenomenon), quincunx 1994 TA (well-built structures, less stringent mores), and opposite Uranus (rebellion_.

Actor/gospel singer/minister Della Reese has Samadhi in the first house, conjunct Odysseus (travel, generalship), sextile Jupiter (religion), trine Juno, sesquiquadrate the Vertex, and opposite the Moon (the public).

On the negative side:

Accused child-murderer Alejandro Avila has Samadhi in the tenth house, semisquare Pluto (sex, criminality, self-destruction), trine Venus (values), sesquiquadrate Ceres (family) and quincunx the Sun (to shine).

Convicted child-murderer David Westerfield has Samadhi sextile Don Quixote (attempts to beat the system).

Another one, Myra Hindley, who carried her murders out in conjunction with her boyfriend Ian Brady, had Samadhi in the fourth house, sextile the Sun and square Venus (lovers).

Josef Mengele had Samadhi in the tenth house, sextile Pluto, square Sekhmet (excess in the service of another), trine Don Quixote and quincunx 1996 TO66 (vision). He tried to pass off his atrocities as biomedical research.

Adolf Eichmann had Samadhi in the ninth house, conjunct 2000 FZ53 (to speak one's mind or not), trine Mars (aggression), quincunx Jupiter (prosperity, philosophy) and opposite 1999 JV127 (self-protection). He went to the gallows trying to tell the Israelis who captured, tried, convicted and condemned him for his war crimes that he was only following orders.

The glyph for Samadhi is mine.

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