Asteroid 1979, Sakharov, was discovered along with a slew of other asteroids on September 24, 1960, at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California, northeast of San Diego, by C.J. Van Houten and Ingrid Van Houten-Groeneveld. It has a period of 3 years, 240 days.

Sakharov was named for Russian physicist and mathematician and Nobel Peace Prize-winning Soviet-era dissident Andrei Sakharov (1921-1989).

Andrei Sakharov

Astrologically, asteroid Sakharov seems to indicate having to take a stand, get off the fence, be consistent and honest..

Abraham Lincoln ("A house divided against itself cannot stand") had Sakharov in the tenth house, on the MC, conjunct Saturn (hard work, authority), trine Hylonome (the cry of the people) and Chariklo (glamorization), and opposite Agamemnon (sudden deadly attacks, doing unpopular or unethical things considered necessary).

Film director Elia Kazan, who is still held in contempt by many for testifying against colleagues in Hollywood in the McCarthy anti-communist witch hunts, had Sakharov sextile Boucolion (unsophisticated viewpoint) and Dolon (having to endure attacks), square 2002 TC302 (stress, political context), trine Jupiter (philosophy, law), quincunx Pallas (politics) and Hidalgo (to defend and promote), and opposite Achilles (rash actions).

Malcolm X, who repudiated his anti-white views after a pilgrimage to Mecca and was assassinated, had Sakharov conjunct the North Node (transcending the past), sextile Venus (values, desire for peace), square 1999 OX3 (a cutting off), and opposite the South Node (past conditioning).

Alan Turing, who ended up paying with his reputation and then his life for being gay, had Sakharov conjunct Mars (sex), Odysseus (a long, winding road) and Stentor (loudly proclaimed), sextile Juno (relationships, the oppressed), trine Okyrhoe (loyalty to personal needs), sesquiquadrate Venus (love, values) and Pluto (sex, coercion), and quincunx 1996 RX33 (rebellion).

Andrei Sakharov himself had Sakharov conjunct Pluto and Antenor (seen as subversive), sextile Don Quixote (taking on the system), quintile Venus and Saturn, square Pelion (a cold cruel world, ability to work with others, earning one's keep), and quincunx 2002 TX300.

The glyph for Sakharov, which is the Cyrillic letter S, is mine.

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