Asteroid 2950 Rousseau was discovered on November 9, 1974 at Zimmerwald Observatory in Switzerland by Paul Wild. Rousseau has a period of 4 years, 211 days and is slightly less than 5 miles in diameter. It was named for Swiss-French philosopher and writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau(1712-1788), who promoted the idea that the less humanity has to do with something, the better it is, and that good is to be found in that which is "natural" and simple.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Astrologically, asteroid Rousseau signifies returning to basics; a simpler, more "natural" or less materially successful or complex state of being; to cast off restraint or the trappings and influences of civilization; primitivism or a less developed or evolved way of life; "natural" or "organic" as opposed to artificial, synthetic or otherwise involving technology; to live close to or in harmony with nature; a love of nature; atavism; environmentalism; possibly nudism; the hippie way of life; comedowns; to be seen as a threat or banished because of one's beliefs or way of life.

John Muir, the famed advocate of wild and untamed nature and founder of the Sierra Club, had Rousseau out of bounds, conjunct Harris(driven to outrage) and Symmetria(a hankering to preserve the unspoiled); semisextile Chiron(the maverick, the teacher); undecimal Solidarity(to band together); semisquare Jupiter(law, expansiveness); sesquidecile the Black Moon(wildness); sextile Mercury(to write or to speak) and Prudentia(prudence); quintile Vesta(dedication); square Mars(energy, to fight for), Pluto(to transform), Academia(scientific pursuits), Bandersnatch(unslain monsters), Hygeia(cleanliness), and Whiterabbit(to be drawn into something); trine Venus(beauty, values), Aesculapia(to heal something), Philosophia(philosophy) and Pittsburghia(serious business); quincunx Chariklo(glamor), Hektor(attempts to bully) and Skepticus(skepticism); quintundecimal Juno(the rage of the suppressed); quadnonagon Neptune(ideals); opposite Phaethon(a phenomenon); parallel Nessus(dealing with predators); and contraparallel Lacrimosa(to lament).

Jack London had Rousseau in the sixth house, semiundecimal(16 degrees, 22 minutes) Jupiter; quattuordecimal(25 degrees, 42 minutes) Juno; semisextile Vesta and Sphinx(mysteries); nonile the Black Moon; septile the Part of Fortune(development of the life, success); sextile Chariklo(glamor, need to keep perspective), Damocles(crisis, danger, threats, politics, drastic ups and downs), and Thersander(to come into one's own, reclaim what was lost); quintile the Sun(to shine); trine Asbolus(awful things), Jabberwock(slain monsters), Kafka(fiction), and Ramirez(invasion by evil); quincunx the Ascendant(personal interests); quadnovem(162 degrees) Chiron; opposite Academia(academic pursuits); and contraparallel Pittsburghia.

Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi, who was noted for the ascetic lifestyle he practiced, had Rousseau in the ninth house of philosophy, conjunct Don Quixote(to take on the system), Thersander(reclaiming of one's rightful place) and Philoctetes(forgiveness); quindecimal the Vertex(significant relationships); vigintile the Midheaven; semisextile Bandersnatch and Fisher(to acquire converts); sesquiundecimal(49 degrees, 16 minutes) Pluto; sextile Hybris, Solidarity(to unite and stick together) and the Part of Fortune; binonile Neptune(idealism, spirituality); square the Sun, the Black Moon, Mallory(to take on challenges, go off half-cocked), and Perseverantia(to persevere); tredecile the Ascendant; trine Mercury, Hidalgo(to push something forward, defend something), and Academia; quadraundecimal Mars; quincunx Stephengould(hardheaded skepticism); triseptile Saturn; opposite Pinocchio(to find one's true calling); and parallel the Moon(the masses) and Pest(to be tormented).

Anton LaVey, the self-styled Black Pope of Satanism, who envisioned and established Satanism as a religion that affirmed the self-indulgence people would practice in any case, had Rousseau in the seventh house, conjunct Neptune and Compassion; quindecimal the Vertex; trinovem(27 degrees) the Moon and Vesta; semisextile the Part of Fortune; nonile Hektor(to bully); semisquare Fortuna; sextile Aesculapia and Tara(smoothly flowing); sesquiseptile Jupiter(religion); square Perseverantia and Sphinx(mysteries); tredecile Chiron; trine Mercury and Solidarity; trine/sextile the Nodal axis; quincunx Juno; quadnonagon Mars(aggression); opposite Fisher and Hybris; parallel Tutenchamun(scholarship of ancient things, to exalt the lowly); and contraparallel Pandora, McAuliffe and Hatshepsut(to introduce something strange and nurture it, to have people not want to remember you).

Jim Bakker, who continues as a minister in much more humble facilities than the ones in which he and ex-wife Tammy Faye Messner conducted their ministry in their PTL Club days, has Rousseau in the eighth house, semiundecimal(16 degrees, 22 minutes) the Moon; semisquare Ceres(nurturing) and the Vertex; septile Mercury; sextile Don Quixote; square Uranus, Pluto, Pallas, Hygeia, and Persephone(transitions, having to leave things behind); trine the Midheaven, Mallory, Thersander(to get back what belongs to you, to have one's revenge), and Tutenchamun(to see those you condemn triumph over you); biquintile Mars; parallel Weaver(to fabricate, to enchant); and contraparallel Damocles and Hylonome(popular appeal).

Eighties pop singer Kim Carnes, who has long since vanished from the charts and from society's radar screen, has Rousseau in the third house, conjunct Hektor; semiundecimal the Moon; semioctile(22 degrees, 30 minutes) the Black Moon; semisextile Stephengould; semisquare Neptune and Pallas; sesquiundecimal Chiron; sextile the Ascendant and the East Point; square Mercury, Juno, Don Quixote, and Perseverantia; trine Saturn, Heracles, Fisher, Hatshepsut, Valentine(partnership, love), Jansky(broadcasting), and Solidarity; sesquiquadrate Volta; quadraundecimal/sesquiundecimal the Nodal axis; triseptile Uranus; opposite Dominiona and Prudentia; and contraparallel Hylonome and Lacrimosa.

The glyph for Rousseau is my own conception.

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