Asteroid 4659 Roddenberry was discovered on March 2, 1981 at Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia by S.J. "Buddy" Bus. Roddenberry has a period of 3 years, 236 days. It was named for American television producer Eugene W. "Gene" Roddenberry(1921-1993), the creator of Star Trek, which first aired on NBC in September 1966 and has since spawned five other series, eight big-screen movies to date and a whole library of tie-in books.

Gene Roddenberry

Star Trek is noted for tackling controversial social and political issues, and also for providing a hopeful vision of the future in which people can work together in peace and friendship regardless of differences in race, appearance, language, and culture, and in which anything, no matter how exotic oor apparently dangerous or mysterious, can be understood rationally and dealt with effectively.

There is plenty of adventure and thrills in the world of Star Trek, of course, and the characters on the show don't often have satisfying relationships, being too restless; they go through life alone.

Astrologically, asteroid Roddenberry signifies broadmindedness, world citizenship, hopefulness, rationalism, humanitarianism, a spirit of adventure and exploration, going through life basically alone, being peripatetic.

The glyph for Roddenberry is my own conception; it recalls the physical configuration of the starship Enterprise, which plays a central role in Star Trek in its various incarnations.

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