Asteroid 904 Rockefellia was discovered on October 29, 1918 at Heidelberg, Germany by Maximilian Wolf. Rockefellia has a period of 5 years, 63 days and is slightly less than 44 miles in diameter. It was named for oil magnate John Davison Rockefeller, Sr.(1839-1937), who established the Rockefeller Foundation.

John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

John D. Rockefeller, Sr. was an archetypal 19th-century ultrarich robber baron who ruthlessly cornered the American market in oil around 1900 through his presidency of Standard Oil until media exposés by a crusading journalist resulted in the US government's breakup of this trust in 1909. Rockefeller fought the busting of his trust with everything he had, but eventually had to submit.

The Rockefeller family name is a byword in America for old money, vast wealth, power and privilege; several members of the family have entered politics, including the late Nelson Rockefeller, vice-president under Gerald Ford and governor of New York; Jay Rockefeller, the junior US Senator from West Virginia; and Winthrop Rockefeller, Arkansas' lieutenant governor. The family is well-known for its philanthropy, but it is the behavior of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. most of all that seems to inspire Rockefellia's influence.

Astrologically, asteroid Rockefellia signifies paying the price for ruthlessness or other ethical failures, wealth, trying to buy one's way out of having to face the consequences of one's misconduct, philanthropy.

Jimmy Swaggart, a former TV evangelist who constantly denounced what he saw as sexual "immorality" and vanished from the public eye in disgrace after he was caught consorting with prostitutes, has Rockefellia in the sixth house, conjunct the Descendant, forming the following other aspects: conjunct Fisher(evangelism); semisextile Pluto(power, sex, self-damaging behavior), Pallas(politics, fighting for one's ideas), and Jabberwock(slain monsters); undecimal Don Quixote(taking on the system); decile Asbolus(awful experiences, giving advice), Pittsburghia(inner depths, serious business), and Dominiona(lust for power); nonile Hidalgo(promoting one's agenda) and Aesculapia(healing something); semisquare the Vertex(significant relationships) and the Part of Fortune(development of the life); sextile the Moon(the public, women), the Black Moon(wildness), and Nessus(to covet); sesquiseptile(77° 08') Neptune(scandal); square the Sun(to shine) and Hybris(hubris); trine Mercury(the media), Mars(aggression), Ceres(nurturance, letting go), Damocles(crisis, drastic change, total wipeout, experience of groupthink), Heracles(to strive with), Hatshepsut(to have others work to make people forget you ever existed), and Hygeia(to clean something up); sesquiquadrate Vesta(dedication); biquintile the North Node(to move beyond something); quincunx Pinocchio(caught in a lie); quadnovem(162°) the East Point(how the world sees you); opposite the Ascendant(personal appearance or interests) and McAuliffe(an albatross around one's neck); and parallel Academia(to become irrelevant).

Upton Sinclair, a turn-of-the-20th-century novelist whose novel The Jungle led to reforms in the American meatpacking industry, had Rockefellia in the tenth house of career and reputation, forming the following aspects: conjunct Venus(values, righteous indignation), Uranus(socialism, activism, muckraking), Roddenberry(utopian visions), and Perseverantia(perseverance); semioctile the Sun, Mars(aggression, energy), and North Node(to get past something from your past); semisextile Hatshepsut(to introduce something and help it to grow, to raise society's consciousness); septile Vesta; sextile the Ascendant, the Moon, and Hybris; quintile the East Point; square Fortuna(fortune), Harris(frenzied reactions), Pia(piousness), Mallory(taking on challenges) and Philosophia(philosophy); trine Neptune, Chiron(something to teach), Nessus, and Kafka(something strange and frightening); sesquiquadrate Hektor(to bully); biquintile Jupiter(the law); triseptile Saturn(hard work, consequences, rewards); opposite Juno(the rage of the oppressed) and Heracles(to strive with); and contraparallel Prudentia(prudence) and Whiterabbit(to draw one into a strange and horrifying universe).

Diana Ross, a highly successful and talented veteran performer who has been called ruthless by disgruntled colleagues in the music industry and who canceled a Supremes "reunion" concert tour in which she was the only Supremes member performing due to poor ticket sales, has Rockefellia in the fourth house of heritage, cusping the fifth house of entertainment, and forming the following aspects: conjunct the Sun and Jabberwock; semisextile Damocles, Nessus and Fisher; undecimal Phaethon(a phenomenon); nonile the Moon; sextile Uranus; quintile Vesta; sesquiseptile Saturn; square Mars and Ceres; trine Pluto, the Vertex, Don Quixote, and Pandora(making a splash); trine/sextile the Nodes; sesquiquadrate Jupiter; quincunx Pest(persistent protests) and the Black Moon; opposite Neptune; and contraparallel Compassion.

Former basketball player Dennis Rodman, who alienated several ex-wives and former lovers with his treatment of them, whose antics(such as his famous weekly hair color changes, marrying himself wearing a white wedding gown, and kicking photographers) while he was with the San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers created a sideshow that irritated many and who retired after finding no team would touch him when he quit the Lakers, has Rockefellia in the seventh house, on the Descendant. It forms the following aspects: conjunct Venus and Asbolus; semioctile Pallas; semisextile Juno and Jansky(inspired from beyond); semisquare Lilith(the eccentric, something to live with); sesquidecile Mercury; sextile Phaethon, Varuna and Hybris; quintile Saturn; sesquiseptile the Moon; square Thersander(having one's revenge); biseptile the Part of Fortune; trine the Black Moon and Symmetria(for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction); quadraundecimal Uranus; sesquiquadrate Hidalgo; biquintile Pluto; quincunx Neptune;opposite the Ascendant and McAuliffe; parallel Vesta, Fortuna, Hektor(bullying), Mallory(to take on challenges, dare to be different, impulsive behavior), Philoctetes(to overlook something for the sake of expediency), and Thersites(to rail against);and contraparallel Chiron.

Former hotelier Leona Helmsley, who ran her hotels with a steel fist, reportedly said "Only the little people pay taxes," and was eventually busted for federal income tax evasion, has Rockefellia in the third house, conjunct Saturn; vigintile Jupiter(prosperity, the law); trinovem Neptune; semisextile Mercury, Lacrimosa(something to cry about), and Thersites; sesquiundecimal Juno; sesquidecile the Sun; sextile Pluto, Phaethon, Bandersnatch and Whiterabbit; septile Mars; square Ceres, the Vertex, Perseverantia, and Weaver(to put something together--like a criminal case); trine Compassion and Pest; sesquiquadrate Hidalgo; quincunx Hybris, Jabberwock, and McAuliffe; quadnonagon the Moon; quindecile the Part of Fortune; opposite Uranus, Hatshepsut, and Ramirez(invasion by evil); and contraparallel Patientia.

The glyph for Rockefellia is my own conception; it is derived from the logo for Exxon, one of the energy companies descended from John D. Rockefeller, Sr.'s Standard Oil Trust.

Thanks to Martina Erskine, who has done some work on this asteroid, for bringing Rockefellia to my attention.

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