Asteroid 15907, Robot, was discovered on October 6, 1997 by Petr Pravec at Ondrejov Observatory in Ondrejov, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic. It has a period of 3 years, 175 days.

The word "robot," meaning automaton, was coined by Czech writer and artist Josef Capek for artificial people forced to work in a factory in the famous play R. U. R. ("Rossum's Universal Robots") (1920) written by Capek's brother Karel Capek. It comes from the Czech word robota (forced labor).

Henk Middleraad and Jonathan Dunn have both done work on this asteroid, whose meaning seems to be: automatic performance (Middleraad), robots, robotic, robot-like (Dunn), possibly robotics. The glyph is Middleraad's.

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