Asteroid 346889, Rhiphonos, a Centaur (outer-system asteroid crossing the orbits of the gas giants), was discovered August 28, 2009 by Timur V. Kryachko at the Zelenchukskaya Station of the Engelhardt Observatory in Zelenchukskaya, Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia. It has a period of 35 years, 276 days.

It was named for the centaur Rhiphonos, who was one of the commanders of the Centaurs who joined Dionysus in his campaign against India.

The meaning of Rhiphonos seems to be (possibly): to throw—off,out,away,at,on,or in; to roam or wander. Phil Sedgwick says [either] self-affirming, confident, self-reliant, always willing to lend a hand, shoulder the load, [or] afraid of one’s shadow, what’s under the bed, bogeymen; selfish and unhelpful, lack of cooperation; designated drivers, perimeters, boundaries, security protection, exercise.

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