Asteroid 54362, Restitutum, was discovered by Minor White and Myke Collins on May 26, 2000 at Star Cruiser Observatory in Anza, California. It has a period of 4 years, 103 days.

In Latin, restitutum means "something restored or replaced." Restitutum's name refers to the circumstances of its discovery: It was first detected by White and Collins in a dense part of the Milky Way in Sagittarius, tracked for a week and three days, lost, then recovered several weeks later, in early August. It was later found to have been sighted in 1999.

Astrologically, Restitutum seems to indicate what its name suggests: restitution, restoration, getting one's due (at last).

Daniel Inouye (born September 7, 1924 in Honolulu), a US Senator from Hawaii and Japanese-American who had to wait fifty years for the Congressional Medal of Honor he deserved for his World War II military service, has Restitutum conjunct Rhadamanthus (up to somebody else), sextile Pluto (evolution), square Damocles (crisis, danger, transgressive) and trine Chariklo (glamorization).

Nicola Sacco (born April 22, 1891 in Torremaggiore, Puglia, Italy) had Restitutum semisquare Quaoar (something is demanded or required), sextile Ixion (absolution), square Jupiter (the law, public support) and Saturn (the rules, to reap), and trine Pallas (politics).

Bartolomeo Vanzetti (born June 11, 1888, in Villafalletto, Apulia, Italy) had Restitutum semisextile Mars (energy, assertion), sextile Mercury (ideas, speaking, writing) and Juno (civil rights, the disadvantaged), and opposite Rhadamanthus. Both Sacco and Vanzetti, anarchists wrongfully executed by the state of Massachusetts in the 1920s on trumped-up charges in one of 20th-century America's most celebrated criminal cases, were posthumously exonerated in the 1970s by Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.

Comedian Lenny Bruce, who was posthumously pardoned by a contrite New York Governor George Pataki for public obscenity convictions he picked up through his profanity-laced stand-up routines, had Restitutum in the eighth house of legacies, semisextile Huya (something missing), sextile Cyllarus (having motive, method and opportunity), and square Chiron (lessons to teach or learn).

Nelson Mandela, who rose from persecuted political prisoner to South Africa's first freely elected president, has Restitutum in the tenth house of career, authority and reputation, semisquare Saturn, sextile Pallas, and square Jupiter and Ceres (to nurture).

Grover Cleveland, who lost a bid for re-election as president to Benjamin Harrison and then defeated Harrison in a rematch four years later, had Restitutum semisextile Lilith (not easy to accept), sextile Rhadamanthus, and square Mars, Jupiter (public support), Neptune (disorder) and Don Quixote (taking on history).

Former North Carolina senator and 2004 vice-presidential candidate John Edwards was once a highly successful trial lawyer earning large damage awards for people given an egregious raw deal by irresponsible businesses, like a little boy orphaned when his parents' car was hit head-on by a truck driven by a man who had been pressured by his employers into driving without enough sleep, and a young girl who sat on an inadequately shielded swimming-pool drain and was actually disemboweled by the powerful suction and left permanently disabled, though she miraculously survived; the manufacturer had quietly settled dozens of similar cases involving that product. This, unfortunately, has not endeared him to the business community. Edwards was also the first member of his working-class family to attend college. He has Restitutum in the seventh house of adversaries and lawsuits, on the Descendant, sextile Hidalgo (to assert, to promote, to defend), trine Hylonome (emotional appeal, grief), quincunx Lilith (not liked all that much) and opposite Ceres (family, nurturance).

The glyph for Restitutum is mine.

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