Asteroid 3163, Randi, was discovered on August 28, 1981, by Charles T. Kowal (the discoverer of Chiron) at Palomar Observatory in Pauma Valley, California. Randi has a period of 3 years, 257 days. It was named for American magician and paranormal debunker James Randi (born Randall James Hamilton Zwinge in 1928), who has attacked, among other things, astrology.

James Randi

The astrological (heh, heh, heh) meaning of Randi seems to be randiness. Possibly, having a "hard-on" for something (that is, lusting to persecute somebody). To quote Ozzy Osbourne, "Highly appropriate, huh?"

Joseph McCarthy had Randi conjunct the Moon (the public), semisquare Pluto (mass movements or mass hysteria), and quincunx the Midheaven (career, reputation).

Bill Clinton had Randi in the eleventh house of politics and love received, conjunct the Sun (to shine) and trine Pallas (politics).

Kenneth Starr, who was at the forefront of his persecutors during his presidency, had Randi in the seventh house, conjunct Mercury and sextile Jupiter (the law) and Juno (irrational, vindictive rage).

Gennifer Flowers, another harasser of the Clintons who has devoted much of her life to what amounts to stalking them, has Randi in the first house, conjunct Pluto (relentlessness, viciousness, deep-seated issues), sextile Neptune (delusion) and trine Chiron (self-wounding, need for healing).

Rush Limbaugh has Randi in the ninth house of philosophy, sextile Mercury (speaking, writing, ideas)and square the Ascendant (personal interests).

Paul Shanley, a renegade Catholic priest who advocated sexual relations between men and boys and co-founded the North American Man-Boy Love Association while his superiors in the church looked the other way, had Randi conjunct Jupiter (expansion, religion), square Uranus (activism) and opposite Mercury.

Jimmy Swaggart, a loud and vigorous public opponent of what he saw as sexual immorality until he was caught consorting with prostitutes, has Randi in the seventh house, sextile Pallas and quincunx Mercury.

Hugh Hefner, a frequent target of assorted bluenoses who was instrumental in making porn mainstream, also has Randi in the seventh house, sextile Mars, square Pluto and trine Ceres.

Bob Guccione (born December 17, 1930, in New York), another major player in the US porn business, has Randi conjunct Pluto (mass movements), semisquare Neptune (photography) and square the Nodes (giving and taking, connections).

Larry Flynt, who has frequently tangled with would-be censors and has been extremely promiscuous, has Randi in the third house, sextile the Sun and the Ascendant and quincunx Pallas and Vesta.

Althea Flynt, Larry Flynt's fourth wife, a former exotic dancer who founded Hustler magazine with him, had Randi in the third house, on the IC, conjunct Achilles (bold leadership) and quincunx 2003 CO1 (true beliefs). Described as two "renegades", they had an open marriage; she was responsible for the magazine's distinctive raunchiness, ran it along with her husband, and saved the magazine from folding during his brief religious conversion in 1977. Her sister describes her as wanting to "prove to the world not to be judgmental.

French academic Catherine Millet, who wrote a raunchy memoir about her extensive sexual adventures, has Randi sextile Nessus.

The glyph for Randi is mine.

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