Asteroid 3926 Ramirez was discovered on November 7, 1978 by American astronomers Eleanor F. "Glo" Helin and S.J. "Buddy" Bus at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 4 years, 30 days. It was named for Pasadena, California restaurateur Abel R. Ramirez, on his fiftieth birthday. He once managed a private club, The Athenaeum, which is run by Caltech.

Abel Ramirez

As far as I know, Abel Ramirez is harmless and law-abiding, but he shares a last name — which is a very common Hispanic last name — with one of twentieth-century America's most notorious murderers, Ricardo (Richard) Ramirez(born 1960), a high-school-dropout drifter and Satanist who terrorized Los Angeles around 1980 and was nicknamed the Night Stalker after the song "Night Prowler" by one of his favorite rock groups, AC/DC.

Richard Ramirez aka The Night Stalker.

Richard Ramirez invaded homes and burglarized them and brutally murdered the occupants, sometimes raping women and forcing their husbands or boyfriends to watch before he killed them both. He is now on California's death row.

Angel Maturino Resendiz, a Mexican national known as the Railroad Killer because he rode America's freight trains, also invaded homes to commit murder. The homes of his victims were typically near railroad tracks; he would hop off trains, do his dark deeds and hop back onto the trains. Maturino used his uncle's name, Rafael Ramirez Resendiz, as an alias.

Angel Maturino Resendiz, aka The Railroad Killer; alias Rafael Resendiz Ramirez.

Angel Maturino was frequently referred to in the American media as Resendiz, Ramirez and Ramirez Resendiz. Only the last two are correct; Ramirez is the surname and Resendiz the last name, which is appended to the surname in Latin American usage. The US media was apparently unfamiliar with the somewhat-fine points of Mexican culture despite the fact that Mexico is America's neighbor and the large Mexican presence in this country. Actually, of course, Angel Maturino Resendiz was his real name and therefore Maturino, or Maturino Resendiz, is truly correct. However, here is another mention of the name Ramirez in the annals of American crime. Ramirez comes from the name Ramiro, which is of Portuguese origin and means "great judge." Sometimes judge, jury and executioner.

Or, one could "enter" the private club Abel Ramirez once managed if one is authorized to do so.

Asteroid Ramirez's astrological signification — victimization, "entering" the space or home of another for a legitimate reason or invading it without legitimacy — seems to come from this.

Arthur Ashe, a pioneering black pro tennis player who experienced racial discrimation growing up in Richmond, Virginia and died of AIDS contracted from a contaminated blood transfusion given during heart surgery, had Ramirez on(conjunct) the Ascendant(physical body & appearance), square the Midheaven(reputation, career), Mercury(media, thoughts, communication, movement) and Venus(values, society, civility), biundecimal Jupiter(law, religion, mind expansion), tredecile Saturn(career), nonile Chiron(medicine), quadraundecimal Vesta(commitment, dedication), trine Ceres(family), septile the North Node(to move past old habit patterns), opposite Heracles(to overcome, to strive against), and parallel Hylonome(pathos, sympathy) and Pittsburghia(serious business).

Maya Angelou, who experienced poverty and sexual abuse as well as racial discrimination as a child, has Ramirez biundecimal the Sun(to shine), nonile Mercury(writing), vigintile Mars(sex, violence) and Ceres(family), septile Saturn(career), biundecimal Neptune(poetry), conjunct Pallas(politics), and parallel Pholus(to seep in).

19th-century British writer Oscar Wilde was jailed and ruined after being outed as gay and lost his wife and family. He had Ramirez in the fourth house semisextile Mars, contraparallel Uranus(homosexuality), trine Pluto(regimentation), parallel Chiron(the maverick, something to teach and/or learn), nonile South Node(past experience or conditioning), undecimal Ceres(family), semisquare Damocles(crisis, danger, drastic change, challenging the system), sesquiquadrate Don Quixote(taking on the system), opposite Pandora(having an impact, unintended consequences), sextile Aquilegia(victimization used for political purposes), Hatshepsut(female power), semisquare Madhatter, semisextile Memnon(minding others' business), parallel Tisiphone(getting one's just due), and contraparallel Midas(ability to make money), Ophelia(disproportionate reactions), and Valentine(partnership).

Bill Clinton has been relentlessly hounded by his political enemies. He has Ramirez in the tenth house, quintile the Moon(women, the public), conjunct Saturn(career), nonile Uranus(liberalism), biundecimal Neptune(scandal, lies), opposite Ceres(family, nurturance), quadraundecimal Black Moon(wildness), undecimal Part of Fortune(the way the life unfolds), semisextile Don Quixote(taking on the way things are), square Hylonome(popularity), contraparallel Melpomene(tragedy), conjunct Midas(money), and Simpson(escaping punishment).

Lee Harvey Oswald murdered President John F. Kennedy and Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit and then was murdered himself, leaving his wife, Marina, whom he'd met in her native Russia(to which he'd once tried to defect), and their two daughters to deal with the mess he'd left behind. He had Ramirez quadraundecimal Jupiter(the law, foreign countries, philosophy), opposite Uranus(rebellion, being different, sudden events), tredecile Pluto(shadowy conspiracies, investigations, criminality), trine Chiron(finding a way around something), square Juno(marriage), biseptile Black Moon(wildness), conjunct Pandora(a huge impact, opening a can of worms), contraparallel Lilith(having to accept something undesirable), square Damocles(drastic change, crisis), square McAuliffe(a liability), contraparallel Hatshepsut(female power), and Tutankamun(the first ending up last and vice versa).

The glyph for Ramirez, suggesting a hooded marauder(like a Klansman), or executioner, is my own invention.

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